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1. The Great Question…

If you own a cat, chances are that you're all too familiar with her at times odd behavior. By odd I mean bringing all kinds of dead stuff on your doorstep. Recalling back just one year, I've had my cat bring me at least 3 mice, 1 mole (yes, mole!), more than a few lizards, and a pigeon. Why do they do this? Why do our feline friends go through the trouble of catching and presenting us with their catch?

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2. I'm A Great Hunter, Look!

There's more than one answer to this actually. Beneath all their cuteness and the charm of demeanor, cats are predators; hunting is what they do. But they're cute even when they hunt, I hear you say. Yes, you're quite right, but we still ought to remember that their vicious hunting instinct is still kicking. Maybe dragging a rodent or two is the way to show off her hunting skills.

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3. A Little Something For My Friend

Another possible answer is that they, our furry little hunters, are thankful for our friendship. And graceful lithering aside, what better way to show their gratitude than bringing the gift of dead animals to our threshold?

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4. Eat That; It's Got Proteins

Another reason they might be doing it, and you've got to laugh at this, is that our cats want to feed us. Seeing how you go through all the trouble of filling her little bellies every time, your cat decided that it's a high time she returned a favor. Thanks sweetie, but I think I'll pass.

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5. Who Takes Care Of Whom?

I've read somewhere that, contrary to what your impressions may lead you to believe, cats are thinking that, actually, they are the ones who take care of us. That's right; think about it the next time you groom your cat; is she thankful for it, or indeed she thinks you're the thankful one. Understood in this way, bringing a mouse might be her obligation to you.

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6. Here You Go, My Little Kittens

There's another type of instinct besides hunting that dominates your cat's behavior – maternal. Obviously, it's present only in female cats who might, just might, think we're their kittens and we need protection and care

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7. Just Follow My Lead

Your cat learned the hunting trade from her mother, and she in turn learned it from her mother before. Coupled with a previous assertion, understanding this may lead to conclusion that your cat has taken upon herself to teach you how to hunt. Now where would we be without that?

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8. Attention-seeker

Or maybe none of the above. Maybe she's only doing it to get some attention. Maybe bringing dead stuff is in league with meowing, pawing, rubbing around legs, and other successful stratagems cats play upon us.   

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9. Can I Make Her Stop

Short answer – no. Longer would be that no amount of talking to or training would make your cat stop doing what she's done for centuries. She'll purr, she'll hunt (unless she's super lazy like my previous cat), she'll continue bringing dead stuff, and all you can do is deal with it. But most importantly, she'll continue to be our little pet.

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look what the cat dragged in 10 pictures 1 9

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