18 Funny Cat Personalities

We all know cats can have several personalities depending on their mood. Here are the most notable 18 cat personalities and their examples in photos:

1. Sink cat

The Sink Cat is usually found in warmer climates where s/he enjoys the coolness of the porcelain. Sink Cat will not allow you to brush your teeth or wash your hands, and will mock your futile attempts to move him/her by putting on a cute face. Sink Cat will often drink exclusively from your faucet and will be persistent in making you turn the faucet on for him/her.

Sink cat

2. Disdain Cat

Some cats are capable of such a range of facial expressions that their limited vocabulary doesn’t hinder them in the least. Here is an excellent example of Disdain Cat being displeased with the lack of lounging area, or possibly with a dish of dry food that replaced her usual tuna dinner.

Disdain cat

3. Lounge Cat

Now, all cats are Lounge Cats to some extent, but some can take it to a whole new level of lounge-iness. Shown here is a pseudo Lounge Cat. A true Lounge Cat will be completely limp and stretched out to his/her full extent in order to cover the most area and cause the most inconvenience for you in the greatest manner. Any object in the way of Lounge Cat will be deposited on the floor.

Lounge cat

4. Luggage Cat

We admit that packing can be really difficult especially if you have a feline family member. They will curiously jump everywhere and try to sabotage your trip! Do not even think of leaving them alone because your house will look as if an atomic bomb had fallen there!

Luggage cat

5. Recliner Cat

This is my brand new ThomasVille recliner. Oh, forgive me…. did I say MY recliner? My apologies. Obviously, these cats are pleased with that purchase and they will displace you. $850 for a gigantic cat bed. They’ll let you sit in it occasionally. Recliner Cats won’t take no for an answer.

Recliner Cat

6. Lap Cat

Lap Cat is usually seen during the colder months. Lap Cat is happy to use you as a giant hot water bottle, and is mostly pleased when she can mold herself to your flabby parts for maximum comfort (her comfort, not yours).

Lap cat

7. Social Cat

The Social Cat will enjoy grooming and spending time with his companions, humans and felines alike. Social Cat makes friends easily and has a pleasant disposition. They enjoy the simple things in life. Social Cat and Lap Cat are close relatives.

Social cat

8. Bag Cat

The Bag Cat will claim any unattended bag, even if it is too small for her. She will defend it from all other cats and will particularly enjoy finding toys or food hidden inside the bag. Bag Cat will spend hours attacking invisible things inside the bag and is a great lover of the crinkly sounding bags.

Bag cat

9. Window Cat

The Window Cat likes to lounge on window sills and fantasize about the birds and squirrels s/he would catch. Window Cat can remain motionless for hours, and is also a very capable screen climber.

Window cat

10. Party Cat

The Party Cat is always fun at a party and combines the party animal personality with that of a stripper who surprises you by jumping out of a cake. She will appear when you least expect her.

Party cat

11. Chirp Cat

The Chirp Cat is capable of making bird noises in his sleep, even though he weighs 23 lbs. If you are not looking directly at him, you would swear that a small bird was trapped in your home. Chirp Cat is actually practicing his foreign language skills in an attempt to fool his prey into coming within attack range.

Chirp cat

12. Dumpster Cat

The Dumpster Cat is capable of balancing herself at precarious angles. In this picture, you can see one training for the next dumpster diving expedition. While she may seem innocent enough… beware! She will steal the salami out of your sandwich, eat anything off of the floor, and rummage through your takeout order before you’ve had a chance to eat any of it.

dumpster cat

13. Camouflage Cat

The Camouflage Cat is an expert at terrorism. She will position herself in the place where she can maximize her springing-on-unsuspecting-passersby techniques. Camouflage Cat is usually detected when you see her rear end wiggling as she plots her attack trajectory. Cats sure are funny animals! Know any other personalities?

Camouflage cat

14. The Fridge Cat

How many times have you opened the fridge and then you heard your cat rushing into it? Well, it probably happens each time. Cats are pretty cute and silly, but also very mischievous. They simply like doing forbidden things because that’s the way they’re having fun! This buddy definitely adores the fridge and feels blessed among all these tasty things.

cat personalities 1

15. Closet lover cat

Cat’s hair can be found everywhere. Among all comfy places in the house, your cat decided that only your closet is the place good enough for chilling. That’s not such a pleasant surprise especially if you had in mind to wear your favorite little black dress for today’s dinner. Those tricky and fluffy boys and girls really know how to piss us off, do they? But, don’t you worry; they don’t do that on purpose. They do that because they want to feel your smell when you’re not at home. Ohh…how lovely!

cat personalities 2

16. The sunny cat

Cats love to feel warm. They would lie in the sun for hours and hours until they get bored. Just give them a sunny terrace or a window and that will be their own type of hedonism. This lady has found her favorite place for sunbathing, and there isn’t anything funnier than to see the cat squeezing into tiny sun puddles… Well, there’s nothing better than a little fun in the sun.

cat personalities 3

17. Cute little cat thieves

You have just arrived home and thought that you would enjoy your tasty food alone when suddenly you heard the master thief’s coming. Oh, crap…not again! Or, imagine you left your food for a second and then you saw the cat’s crime scene on your table when you came back! What would you do in that moment? Would you try twitching your hair from anger or just deal with it? In any case, from now on, do not even think not of sharing anything with your lovely furry friend.

cat personalities 4

18. The door-lover cat

Their majesty – cats; they like observing everything from the heights. This cat’s face looks like is telling: “I have been waiting for you….How was work?” For cats, height equals safety, and we are sure that you love your pet feeling safe, don't you? So, next time you come home, don’t be afraid of a flying cat!

cat personalities 5

Thumbnail source: Oksana Nesakysiu

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