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It isn’t enough to say that life without pets can be really boring, especially without cats. They are complete winners of making strange expressions and actions. Whether they are trying to escape from something, to experience something unusual or just to go for they want to get, felines are the funniest creatures in the world. The cat in the following picture is experiencing the snow for the first time and at first, it seems so surprised and not so overwhelmed. It looks like her face is saying: Can we go inside now?! Take off this white cold thing from meee!”

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Look at man’s sunglasses!

The cat in this picture has the right to be scared because if you better take a look to the man’s sunglasses it looks like he is driving against the huge truck. In fact, he is driving behind the truck! The contrast between dog’s and cat’s faces says everything for itself. The dog is master of cool while cat’s eyes want to pop out!

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Quick! Play dead! They will never notice!

Imagine you left your cat home alone and she thinks that is going to stay alone for a long time, but suddenly you remembered you’ve forgotten something! You’ve opened the door and have seen the biggest mess you could ever imagine! And here is the result! The spotlight in the picture makes it even more dramatic!

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Jealousy seems to be a universal trait

If you are not the only pet in the house, it can be very stressful. This cat seems to be jealous at this dog a little bit. Its face is just priceless and it can’t wait to get home and see who is going to be put outside and who will stay in the house! This dog should have in mind that happiness doesn’t last forever!

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Escaping from children at play

This cat looks like desperately wants to run away from something or someone. The sign behind it has told us everything!

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“You can’t escape the power of love…”

In love, there is always someone that loves more. In this case, the guy wants to escape from his lovely girl. Their story reminds us a bit of Pepe Le Pew, and there is something more about them – take a look at a cat’s picture behind them! The face of that cat is even funnier!

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Cat before and after vet

This cat is upset about a few things. Whether it is going to vet, the special bag it was put or having the leash around the neck. We think that it is probably plotting the revenge after getting home.

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worlds biggest drama queens 11 pictures 8

Scared cat

At first sight, it seems like this cat is screaming but if you look a little bit better, it is trying to catch a floating food. The photographer managed to catch the perfect moment of its face and the result is just marvelous.

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worlds biggest drama queens 11 pictures 9

What is that?!

Someone didn’t tell this cat that from now on they are going to have a new family member. Her face is telling us that she is not so happy about that idea.

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worlds biggest drama queens 11 pictures 10

What they’ve done to me?

It is just incredible how funny cats look like after bathing. We suppose that he is preparing an ultimate revenge as soon as he gets dry.

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worlds biggest drama queens 11 pictures 11

Dramatically meeting

Here is one more cat that doesn’t like the water at all. We don’t know what is strange about it but almost every cat is not a lover of that. Cats are famous explorers, so in this situation, he needed to find out from what this transparent ball is made of. The surprise wasn’t so much pleasant and his reaction is just brilliant.

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