Meet DogVinci, an Amazing Aritst – 9 Pictures + 1 Video

Art is one of the hardest things to define and everybody has their own opinion, or rather feeling, of what art actually is and how to describe it. However, whatever your definition of art is, you probably think that artistic expressions are reserved for people only. Well, this amazing pooch called Dagger, or DogVinci which is his pseudonym and stage name, might help you change your mind and accept that art is actually universal and not only a human prerogative.

Artistic soul

Dagger, a sweet Lab mix, showed his inclination toward painting in the only way he could – by wagging his tail. His owner Yvonne Dagger is a painter and one day Dagger came to her while she was painting and nudged her, trying to tell her that he can do that too. She recognized passion in his eyes and decided to give it a try. From that day, Dagger always has a brush in his mouth. And a beret on his head.

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meet dogvinci an amazing aritst 9 pictures 1 video 1Pin

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