Discovering the Smell of Spring – 10 Pictures

Animals are true lovers of nature because it’s their natural habitat. From baby animals to grown-up ones, in spring they can be seen sniffing, enjoying and resting in nature.  With spring come fresh, sunny mornings, and fragrant flowers that revive all senses. Spring is the time of new beginnings for many animals. Many animals hibernate in winter and wake up in buzzing spring.

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Donkeys are becoming new pets

No matter what kind of animal we talk about, colors of spring make every animal happy. This donkey is a kind of domesticated horse family Equidae. The first donkeys were first domesticated 3000 years BC in Egypt or Mesopotamia. Nowadays, donkeys can be often seen as pets because they are lovable and intelligent. Some of them are also kept as working animals and the biggest number of them can be seen in the United States. They like living in nature and don’t like rain and the wind. That’s why people often put them in a stable at night and let them to a pasture during the day to graze.

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Spring brings lovely blooming

There is no greater happiness in the world than when your dog feels happy. With nice weather also comes the nice mood. Dogs are active animals and don’t like spending time inside the house. They need their own free space to feel pleased. The moment of a dog sniffing a flower is just priceless. 

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Animals have also heard for romance

These two monkeys have also heard of romance and love. This gentleman has probably done something bad and wants to gain forgiveness from his darling. Maybe giving her a flower is the best way to get it. It is just incredible to see how animals have their own “language of communication”.

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Always elegant and classy cats

According to many people’s opinion, there are no more beautiful and graceful animals in the world than cats. They like to be clean and meticulous, and only looking at this picture will make you feel overwhelmed. They like playing with flowers and other plants, jumping and to resting in nature. If you’re a cat owner and you have a yard, there isn’t a luckier animal than your cat.

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Grass lovers

Bunnies in the wild eat a wide variety of plant material. They like to eat dry and fresh grass, bark on trees, fruits, vegetables and tender twigs and sprouts. Rabbits like to feel free and they are known as high-speed and very active animals. If a bunny is your family member, then you need to have a lot of energy if you let it run through your house. 

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Bring a little happiness into your morning

Hamsters are famous field animals. They came from the wild to our houses. They like to smell the scent of spring and enjoy nibbling veggies and fruits. Besides these, the hamster can eat other food like meats and proteins and different kind of seeds. With their puffed cheeks and speed, they are ready to pick a fight with every cat. Do you know where did this golden hamster come from? The golden hamster comes from Syria and it was discovered in 1797 in the wild. Thanks to a zoologist Israel Aharoni, this species was multiplied in 1930 and soon has found a way into homes all around the world. 

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Lovers of freely roaming around

Already known as highly intelligent animals, elephants are capable of finding a new habitat in order to survive. They can adapt to many weather conditions, from living in the grasslands to the desert of Savanah and forest areas. They are also great gourmets and can eat 50 tons of food per day. Elephants can’t live without freely roaming in nature. When elephants roam in the wild, they help our environment by cleaning trees and plants, so the new vegetation can grow up.

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Fox – the name for 27 dog family species

This cute vixen is eager for spring arriving. Foxes are known as playful and curious animals. Although they are known as wild animals, their relationship with people goes back to 16500 years ago. The red fox is one of the most popular fox species and they live on all continents. With spring comes joy and juicy scents of nature, so sociable foxes can play with other animals. They are lovers of playing and play in a similar way as dogs.

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Big cat with not so “big” sense of smell            

Pumas or mountain lions have an excellent hearing and vision, but they are also known for their poor sense of smell relative to other cats. Pumas used to be found in the United States and like to run fast through the field with their powerful hind legs. They enable them to jump as far as 13 meters.

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discovering the smell of spring 10 pictures 10

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