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If you have a cat, you're probably familiar with scenarios such as waking up while they are sleeping on you, petting them for hours and listening to their purring. Most people buy a cat because of those expectations. Kittens are supposed to be fragile and cute. They should be requiring attention all the time and be playful whenever you have time for them. Cats are viewed as these loving fur balls which comfort you when you are sad by sleeping in your lap and looking at you with their big eyes as a sign of begging you to pet them for as long as you can. In return they relax you with their purring, showing you how much they enjoy your company. But are all cats like this? Or are there cats who think they are the ones in charge.

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These bossy cats aren't rare at all. In fact they are quite common. They have what is popularly being called an “alpha cat syndrome”. As ridiculous as that sounds, we are sure you have encountered these cats at some point in your lives. It might be that you had, or have, a cat which sits in your lap and waits to for you to start petting her but once she decides it's enough she bites you for no reason. Or maybe you were sleeping and it just jumps on the bed and starts biting your legs in order to wake you up, because it's decided that you had enough sleep. These cats tend to believe that they know best, and that everyone else around them is there simply to serve them and satisfy their needs.

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Probably the perfect example of these bossy cats, is this kitty named Teton. Teton lives in Colorado on a 7 acre ranch. He was brought there when he was just a small kitty and only 3 months old. The reason he was brought there in the first place, is because the owners of the ranch had a terrible mice problem. While they were looking to find a solution to their problem, a perfect idea popped in their minds. They decided to get a cat which will live on the ranch with other animals and feed on the mice.

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Shortly after that, they found a perfect little kitty for their problem and named him Teton. They had no idea that Teton was capable of so much more than just chasing mice around the ranch. At first they didn't know how will Teton react and behave around other farm animals, and how the animals would react to him. But it didn't take long, before the owners of the ranch were convinced that there won't be any problems between animals and this cute little 3 months old kitty cat. Even though Teton did serve his purpose as a mice chaser, he did it in a quite odd fashion. He was riding the farm animals all the time across the ranch. A thing or two the owners didn't know about their new little pet, is that Teton is a cat with an “alpha cat syndrome”, meaning he is in charge. Teton is not afraid to do whatever he likes, and his first priority is to satisfy himself.

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He first started riding the animals while it was snowing, and the owners guessed that the reason for him to behave like this is the fact that he didn't want to get his paws wet from the snow. So he thought of a simple solution, as all leaders do. He decided to instead of getting tired while running around it is much easier to simply mount the first animal he finds and than just ride it, until he decides to jump down or simply mount another animal, and the farm animals don't really seem to mind.

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There hasn't been a single case in which one of the animals would throw Teton of its back in a rodeo style. They simply do not care, and maybe even enjoy Tetons company. Everyone loves Teton on that ranch, including the owners and the animals. Over time he became much more than just a solution to the mouse problem. Even though Teton might seem a little self centered and selfish, he is also incredibly charismatic and you simply can't judge this cute little kitty. His leadership and bossiness around the ranch is probably the cutest thing everyone there has ever seen, and perhaps that's the reason animals are so fond of him and go along with his demands.

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Owners of the ranch think that Teton actually believes that he is one of the farm animals. He spends all day with them and sleeps all night with them so it might not be such a ridiculous idea that he believes he is one of them. Besides riding them throughout the day, Teton sleeps on them at night as well. This cat simply has no boundaries.

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Even though Teton considers himself to be the king of all animals on the ranch, he still has his favorites. Owners of the ranch say that there are some animals that Teton rides quite frequently and even sleeps on them and that there are some animals that he doesn't even look at. We do not know why some animals deserved more of Tetons attention, and we may find in unfair as much as we want, we still can't question Tetons decisions, after all he is the boss of the ranch, and he simply doesn't have to justify his choices to anyone.

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Tetons absolute favorites are miniature horses and donkeys. If you go out on the ranch during the day you will most likely find Teton on the back of either a miniature horse or a donkey, and If you go in their stall during night, you will still probably find Teton sleeping on one of them. Horses and a donkey seem to like Teton the best as well and don't seem to mind carrying him around all day and even night.

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