Rabbit Island – 8 pics

Ever wondered what it's like to be smothered with rabbits? “Rabbit island” might be your next holiday destination.

Japan is very well known for its animal worshiping culture. We have all heard about their animal cafes such as dog cafes, owl cafes, cat cafes or even hedgehog cafe. They tend to give animal lovers a lot of choices to fulfill their needs. For instance there are numerous animal themed festivals, such as a “bakeneko festival” which is known to be a cat day in Japan. Animal cafes are also an idea that was first seen in Japan, where people can come to drink a cup of coffee in the morning and enjoy petting their favorite animal depending on the café they are in. Only in Japan there is even an island dedicated entirely to one animal, such as the cat island, that we already talked about. But today we have a special treat for all of you rabbit lovers out there. Turns out that there isn't just one island in Japan filled with a single animal species, there is another one! That's right, there is also a rabbit island.

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