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Some cats are born to be stars, while others are made popular by talented photographers or unusual circumstances. The secrets of popularity are different, but it is a real enjoyment to follow the life of your favorite cat star. Here, we'll check out some famous cats that we haven't talked about so far.

1. Hamilton, the Hipster Cat

Hamilton, the Hipster Cat, became famous from very young age. His unique mustache makes him really stylish and trendy. Check it out on his Instagram page.

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2. Fukumaru

A very touchy life-story of grandmother Misao and her odd-eyed cat Fukumaru has been filmed for more than 10 years by Miyoko Ihara, a photographer and Masao’s granddaughter. The cat Fukumaru, whose name is translated from Japanese as “a circle of good fortune”, followed the granny everywhere she went – to the field, orange garden or a bath. Miyoko Ihara made a special web-site to publish the photo stories of her granny and Fukumaru cat. She also created a hard cover portrait album, which was called “Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat“. See what a happy couple they are!

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3. LiLu Blue Royal Lada

Another fancy cat star, LiLu Blue Royal Lada, has been accompanying a little girl Katherine from her childhood. Girl’s mom, Andy Prokh, took a series of awesome black-and-white pictures dedicated to her little daughters, their cute friendship and the things they like doing together. The couple has many things in common and enjoys spending time with each other. They both love art and science, but Katherine is keen on taking the leadership in all the important activities the kid and the cat do. Who is going to win a chess game this time? The girl and the cat grow together, and the mother has been doing a wonderful artistic work of picturing the whole world of friendship and making both Katherine and fluffy LiLu the internet stars.

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4. Colonel Meow

Colonel Meow is the cat, who got into the Guinness World Records because of the longest fur that he possessed. Its length reached 22.87 cm (9 inches) and it was spread all around his owner’s flat!

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5. Honey Bee

One more Internet star is blind. However, this blind cat called Honey Bee has a pretty exciting life, as her two humans adore hiking, so they take their kitten for a walk to the mountain side. Honey Bee loves taking rides on the shoulders, listening to the sounds of water and smelling everything. Once adopted from an animal shelter, she has found a completely different life in Seattle.

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6. Nala the Siamese

Nala the Siamese has almost 3,5 million followers on her Instagram page, her own channel on YouTube and even some merchandise. She has been adopted from the shelter when she was five months old, and now she is a 6 year-old and representing CatCon 2017 festival in Pasadena, CA.

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7. Venus – a Cat with Beautiful Eyes

Cat Venus is an ideal pet for all of those who cannot decide the color of the cat with whom they would like to spend the happy days of their lives. Just kidding, of course, the color of the pet generally isn't important, but for kitten Venus it is, because due to her unusual patterns, or we can say symmetrical colors on her head, she became a world famous cat. Venus is so unusual because of Chimera virus. If you are interested in more details about this virus, you can take a look at the article: One of the Most Beautiful Cases of Chimera in Animal World.

And, as for the popularity our dear Venus has experienced – it's too little to say that she's a world star! Her, in a specially interesting way, inborn symmetrical two-coloration really attracts attention and interests of people around the world. She's a real attraction on the social networks, like Facebook and Instagram (you can visit Venus on Facebook), as well as world newspapers and many photographers were interested in her figure. As the kitten on Fukumaru, Venus has one yellow and one blue eye, but the color of the fur on her head continues to play with symmetry in a really interesting and very nice way.

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8. Thor – the Bengal cat

Cats are sweet and cuddling animals, perhaps that's why we love them so much! Besides, they are very skillful in finding their home, their light at the end of the tunnel, their salvation when it's necessary… Sometimes it happens they find us, they simply move in into our home, and later into our bed, but sometimes we look for them, for a special, unique kitten, which we consider the prettiest for us. In the case of Thor – a pet ready for adoption, love between him and his new owners was at first sight! His patterns are beautiful, and his green eyes are undoubtedly cuddly, but his brave and fearless spirit gave him the powerful name – THOR!

His family was very surprised when his lovely face appeared on the front page of the newspaper. He became very popular, both in the press and on social networks, he got requests for TV interviews and photos… Thor is truly a beautiful cat, he experienced world fame, though now he's only four years old. But his kind family doesn't want all of this to end with just promoting Thor’s pretty face, but they’d like to do some good deeds, something that will help other cats and animals around the world. That’s just really commendable! You can also visit Thor's Facebook page.

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9. Happy and playful Lil Bub

Cute kitten Lil Bub hasn't accidently become famous even outside of the USA. Today she is one of the world’s famous cats. Her photos came to Facebook, websites, newspapers, even to a movie and a festival. But what is her uniqueness? When she came to the world and was just a little kitten, everybody would just say: Oh, God, poor little kitten! Lil Bib was born with some genetic mutations witch made her life more difficult. However, with the help of good people, her difficulties in growth and total immobility with right therapy led to a significant improvement. She was the only famous cat having this kind of disease.

Besides, Lil Bub has osteoporosis – a bone disease, which made her extremities permanently stay the size of a little kitten’s, which makes it difficult for her to move up to certain point. That’s why she got the name Perma-kitten! Another of her problems is that her lower jaw is shorter than the upper one, and besides she has no teeth, because they never grew up, so her tongue is always out. Instead of 20 fingers/toes and claws she has 22, so we can say this cat is rich – when it comes to claws. Her happy, wide and unusual green eyes are irresistible! She's so lovely, it isn't wonder her face is on cups, bags, calendars, books, and even a stuffed toy was made with her figure. Besides everything that happened she’s very nice, happy and playful cat. Truly a cute creature!

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10. Monty

Monty is a lovely cat from Copenhagen, Denmark, that was born without nasal bridge i.e. nasal bones. Although “chromosomal abnormality” makes him want to sneeze, he feels very healthy and breathes normally. At the first glance, it looked like little Monty won't survive, but miracles happen, so today he's a candidate for the ambassador of “crooked” cats – cats that don’t look perfect, but they have a good soul :). His look is different, but it is also unique, which makes him fantastic! Monty’s other parents are the ones who are the proudest of him. For them, his appearance is incredibly cute and his personality rare as a diamond.

This happy cat quickly became very popular on all social networks. His face is so popular that we can consider him a celebrity. Would you like to see that cute creature on your t-shirt? Well, you can, of course! Monty’s fans around the world want to have his photo on their t-shirts or sweatshirts which says: “I'm not perfect but PAWsome”, or, short, but clear “Purrfect”. Very nice, isn't it? But his cute and unusual eyes can be seen on many decorative or everyday objects such as phone cases, for example.​​

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Is it hard to become an Internet star for a regular cat? Send your videos and photos to our FB page and maybe your pet will become a star. Everything is possible with creative owners! Ask Lily the fox or Gemma the coyote. Ok, they are not cats, but they are an internet stars. 🙂 The most important thing for all pets and for their owners is to be happy together and the popularity comes second.

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Authors: Nataliya and Katarina

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