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When you hear words “tiger” or “lion” you immediately visualize picture of some roaring beast hunting its prey. We tend to forget that they can be small and vulnerable like every other animal out there. In this article you will read another story of love between different species including one little lion and tiger cub.

Meet one happy family: bulldog named Hugo, White Lion named Ice, little Bengal Tiger named Igor and veterinarian Or Lazmi who brought them all together.

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unusual but cute trio 1

“Ice was very small and fragile when she was brought in. I took care of her and allowed her to play with her new friends only when she grew up a bit. On the other hand, Igor is a bit loner, he likes to be alone, but it's obvious that he likes company of the other two occasionally” said this veterinarian that raised 7 lions and several tigers. 

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unusual but cute trio 2

Hugo seems to have taken over a role of a caring father. He watches over little ones with great care and spends a lot of time running around with them, almost as the human father would play soccer with his son.

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unusual but cute trio 3

Dr. Lazmi also said that the two younglings like to take Hugo out for a walk. Sometimes it even looks like these lion and tiger cubs herd him around the yard.

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unusual but cute trio 4

Conclusion to this hearth warming tale will come when they grow enough to be released either back in the wilds or more likely somewhere in a wildlife sanctuary. All in all, this is another happy cats' ending.

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unusual but cute trio 5

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