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The belief that our ancestors had about healing powers in our own home has been finally proven. Dr. Dennis Thomas from Washington is veterinarian who spent decades of his career researching this two-way healing connection. In this veterinarian's opinion sharing love with your pet could cure something that modern medicine is still unable to.

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“I have witnessed countless times the health benefits that occur when people focus their awareness on the loving connection they have with their pet” he said. This is related to both cute and cuddly pets and humans.

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The pets he was treating with this approach mostly had “incurable” conditions like malignant cancer, degenerative arthritis and such. After succeeding in curing them in large percentage he became a true believer.

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In his words, the whole process had one key point. That is to make people truly believe that it is actually possible to help with a healing process by just honestly and emotionally hugging your pet. The people who believed and started using this method soon noticed that symptoms of illness were nowhere to be found.

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This therapy proved to be quite successful, even to the point where, during the last few years, there have been more and more animals in children hospitals all over the world, giving those kids treatment that modern medicine still doesn't understand. Makes you think twice about having a pet or a baby. If you are interested in learning more, I'd suggest reading this article about good doctor Dennis Thomas.

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