Happy Cats’ Endings – 20 pics

This is a collection of cats found on the streets, in kennels, vivarums or shelters where they were left alone, at the worst case for euthanization. It is amazing how a bit of love and patience can make incredible miracles, turning sad, street cats into beautiful, happy and true companions.

Alex used to live on the street

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Alex at a new home

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Asya was left to be euthanized

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Asya was cured and happy at a new home

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Homeless Zhan Gaben

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Zhan Gaben at a new home

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A little homeless thing

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After being cured and finding new loving hands

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An ill kitten was found on the street in the rain

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He was cured and found a new home

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This cat spent 5 days in a cat cage without water and food, waiting to be euthanized

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He found a new home

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This kitten was found on the street with broken legs

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His broken legs were treated, and he found a new home

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Misha was found on the street with many injuries

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Misha was cured, and he found a new family

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The first photos of Mura are not shown, because she had a terrible wound. Dogs attacked her and ripped the skin off her belly. Veterinarians had to “collect” her body parts together, and this is a picture after the surgery.

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Mura found new owners in Germany

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Homeless and sick Musya

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Amazing Musya’s transformation

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