Try to Guess Who the Guilty Dog Is. It Shouldn’t Be Hard – 12 Videos

What do you do when you are caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? Do you just admit and ask for forgiveness or you try to get away with it? How good is your poker face? I know for myself that I look a lot like these dogs who are just so obviously guilty, but I don't really look so adorable as they do. Some of them avoid eye contact, some of them blame others, others simply try to hide, but none of them are very good at it and that makes it so much funnier than it would be otherwise.

What was I supposed to do? The cat brought them down!

Denver is a famous Labrador and he just can't stay out of trouble. There are many videos of Denver where he just simply gets into trouble and then looks extremely guilty. Here he went for the Christmas decoration balls and then tried to pull off an innocent look. He failed, as usual.

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