Try to Guess Who the Guilty Dog Is. It Shouldn’t Be Hard – 12 Videos

What do you do when you are caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? Do you just admit and ask for forgiveness or you try to get away with it? How good is your poker face? I know for myself that I look a lot like these dogs who are just so obviously guilty, but I don't really look so adorable as they do. Some of them avoid eye contact, some of them blame others, others simply try to hide, but none of them are very good at it and that makes it so much funnier than it would be otherwise.

What was I supposed to do? The cat brought them down!

Denver is a famous Labrador and he just can't stay out of trouble. There are many videos of Denver where he just simply gets into trouble and then looks extremely guilty. Here he went for the Christmas decoration balls and then tried to pull off an innocent look. He failed, as usual.

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C'mon, I'm really, really sorry

This Italian pooch obviously did something very wrong since he is feeling this guilty. I don't speak Italian so I can't understand what it is, but whatever it might be I wouldn't be able to stay mad for too long at this dog. Ettore the Labrador is the kind of dog you just can't resist hugging regardless of how guilty he might be.

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You snitches, I'm gonna pay you back!

These adorable puddles made a mess and when the time came to take the fall they instantly and without much hesitation snitched the real culprit. I bet the white puddle went to the room to devise an evil plan for the payback time.

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Maybe she won't notice I'm gone, if I move slowly

After going through the trash can, Matzo tried to pull a magic trick and unnoticeably disappear during the lecture. It was a smart plan, but it was poorly executed. I guess Matzo isn't exactly the dog version of David Copperfield.

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Maybe daddy can help me get away with this one

This cute boxer called Boomer thought nobody will notice if he eats some tinsel. Well, he was wrong, very wrong. Mommy did notice and she confronted him. What else could he do except to seek shelter under his daddy's arms? Judging by mommy's laughter, the plan probably worked.

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This bush seems like a good cover

These two cuties have been accused of chewing a shoe, but judging by this video, there is only one real mischief behind the deed. And he is avoiding an eye contact. This adorable pit bull just couldn't resist his owner's shoes, but he can't bear the guilt he is feeling and it's so freaking funny.

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Who, me? No, I didn't eat that

Daisy is maybe the most convincing dog on this list when it comes to their innocence, but that is still simply not good enough. However, she, unlike others, won't admit she did anything wrong until the very end. When you are guilty, you've got to stick to your story and she does exactly that in this funny video.

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How did he find me here?

This German shepherd could not look guiltier even if he tried. When his owner came home, a surprise in the form of ruined bed sheets waited for him, and Berlin was nowhere to be found. That alone was enough to prove his culpability, but when the owner finally found him hiding in the shower he saw a face that simply screamed: “It was me, I'm sorry”.

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Stop pointing at me man!

Now, this is the biggest snitch I have ever seen in my life. These two beagles got into some trouble and the older one, Charlie, quickly blamed his younger friend. And he did it repeatedly, answering every time the owner asked him who did the deed. I am not so sure he is telling the truth, though.

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No, I won't look at you, I won't!

This dog really likes balm, but the problem is he likes to eat it, not put it on his lips. I have to say, I actually understand him since I sometimes feel the same. It just smells so delicious. Especially strawberry, I love strawberry. Anyway, after he ate the balm Tank tried to pretend as if nothing happened, constantly avoiding eye contact. Of course, that didn't really work.

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I was so happy, why did you have to kill the mood?

Look at this awesome pooch; did you ever see a dog so happy? Well, Fredo quickly went from ecstatic to sad after his owner confronted him on eating poop. He just turned around and disappeared in the back. Maybe he just went to find some more poo.

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I did it, ok. You shouldn't leave your food unprotected!

I never heard of a dog that loves to eat eggs, but Mishka is not a regular dog, I guess. This cute Husky saw an opportunity and did not hesitate to take her chance. Her only mistake was the fact that she kept licking her chops. She will know better next time, I'm sure.

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