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Travelling is, for a lot of people, an amazing and fun thing to do whenever they have time and money to actually do it. But if we are talking about animals, travelling can be tricky. It's complicated for both animals and owners because there is a lot of problems and things that are connected with the vehicle, destination and documents for taking animals in different countries. Very tiring, right? But if there is enough love for travelling, all of these problems can be solved!

Owners Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend adopted their dog Henry back in 2014. At first Bennett was going to pick a golden retriever mix, but then she came across Henry at an adoption event. He was only 14 weeks old but he was bigger than other dogs in that age! They took him because he crawled into Cynthias lap and she just knew that he was the one!

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A few months ago, the couple decided that they’d like to have another pet in their family. They wanted a cat and after five months of searching the shelters they finally found one, a Siamese kitten mix named Baloo. Their owners call them brothers but sometimes Baloo thinks that Henry is his mom, pretty funny but considering their height it looks pretty logical!

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You’re probably asking how could a dog and a cat be together even for a minute? Well, somehow these two are made for each other, it was like that from the very start! Baloo just wanted to cuddle with Henry from the second he saw him! It’s unexplicable, but you can see their love for each other in the pictures they model for whenever they go hiking!

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As said, they are just born to be models! Camera loves them! Whenever the couple takes out a camera they are ready to pose and take the best picture they can! They are genuinely happy and full of love, probably that's why their pictures have a lot of positivity radiating from them! They also have an Instagram page! Their owners post a lot of these amazing pics and the number of followers grows ever day! They already have 80k fans and they are waiting for new pictures and a dose of positivity from this cute pair!

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Nobody really knows how they do the travelling thing but one thing is obvious, they always enjoy it! As everyone else, sometimes they get a little bit lazy so laying down and snuggling is one of their favourite activities! Just look at them, they really look so cute and peaceful! Honestly, who wouldn’t take a ton of pictures of them!

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Believe it or not, they are full-time hikers! With their owners, they go on hiking during any season, on any terrain wherever the road takes them! They don’t care whether it’s hot or cold they are always ready for adventures! “I think we only had Henry for three days when we took him on our first hike, he found the steepest, tallest rock around, and he ran up to the top of it to look over the edge” said Cynthia. Because of that, they gave him a cute nickname, Henry is their “little mountain goat.”

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Everyone is asking if Baloo really wants to go outside; Bennett said: “If I touch Henry’s leash, Baloo will start screaming at the door.” So the answer is pretty obvious, they are both very adventurous and they just can’t wait to go and explore the world and the beautiful nature! Okay, Baloo doesn’t like water that much but anything else is perfectly fine!

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As I previously said, weather is not a problem for them! They are ready for adventure and modelling whenever they go! They really love nature and they always respect their owners, so they do not have problems with them! They don’t even need to be strict for them to listen! They just need to give them what they like, to travel and explore together so their friendship can grow. They are already inseparable but there is always room for more love in their pure hearts!

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Also, the love their owners have for them is insane! Who wouldn’t be obssesed with these cuties!? They just bring so much positivity into their lives, so the only thing they can do is to give them the biggest amount of love! They really deserve it because they are so nice and they just want to enjoy together, give them that and they will be thankful for the rest of their lives! Knowing all this, their owners ignore all the problems and just continue giving them lots of love and new hiking adventures so they can stay happy and energetic every single day! We should look up to both owners and animals in this case, because they are a perfect example of a healthy lifestyle that we all need!

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