Training a Parrot To Talk – The Right Way – 5 pics

Getting your parrot to speak: Here are some steps that you need to initially take when wanting to know how to train a parrot to talk: * You will always have to start the training with imitation training. * Make sure you don't pick multiple words to start off with. * Pick a simple word to start off with, with no more than 3 syllables. * Try starting out the training with a simple “Hello”. * Ensure that you stick to the word you have chosen, don't go changing the word (this will only confuse the bird. * When training you bird, say the word you are teaching slowly, clearly, and firmly until you bird responds. * When your parrot responds, reward it (even if the sound it makes does not sound like the word) * Keep implementing this process over and over again until the noise you parrot makes sounds like the word you are trying to teach it. Eventually the bird will relate performing the word to getting a reward. * With some birds it can take only a few hours to teach it a word, but with others it can take months so be patient with your parrot and make sure you praise and reward it when it responds to you. * When you bird has learnt a word you can move onto the next one and just repeat the process above. * Keep the words simple at first until you have built up the parrots vocabulary then start moving on to more difficult ones.

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