They Might Be Small and Fluffy but They Are Still Fierce Hunters – 14 Gifs

Cats can be very mischievous creatures, especially when they are irritated for any reason or if their natural instinct of a predator awakes. Sometimes they can even be sneaky rascals for no reason at all. If you ever had a cat then you definitely know that you can’t expect them to behave like you want them to and you will often be surprised by their stubbornness and cunning nature. The GIFs we will show you will make you understand that you should never trust a cat, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t love the little buggers.

From the cupboard the danger lurks

This GIF is the fantastic example that cats aren’t just mean to us, they are also mean to each other. This stealthy cat waited for the perfect opportunity to strike and he seized it with force. The other poor and unsuspecting cat was minding his own business, but that didn’t concern the vicious attacker.

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