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Echidna is a small mammal, covered in spines, that serve as a defense mechanism. They are know for their elongated snouts that they use as a mouth and a nose. they are usually brown or black, but there have also been reports of albino echidnas. Echidnas don't like company and prefer to spend their time in a cave or under vegetation. Another reason for this lifestyle is the fact that they avoid high temperatures and like to sleep around 12 hours a day. It is estimated that they live around 16 years, meaning these cute little mammals spend around 8 years of their life sleeping

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Owl monkeys can be described as one of the laziest monkeys out there, considering the fact that they sleep over half of their life. An average monkey sleeps around 13 hours a day, this particular monkey shamelessly sleeps over 17 hours a day. They are nocturnal, meaning they are only active around 5 hours every night. They do have a very long lifespan, around 20 years, that might be the reason they live such a relaxing lifestyle.

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Bats are know to be weird, just look at the facts about them such as sleeping upside down or locating objects by producing high pitched sounds. But one thing you probably didn't know about bats, is the unbelievable fact that they actually sleep 20 hours a day. That's right, bats sleep through 80% of their life. If Batman was sleeping that much, he would have never caught a single criminal. 

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Hamsters are just adorable little animals. They are one of the most favorite pets around the world. If you ever had a hamster as a pet than you know what we are talking about when we say that they don't do much. They might play in their wheel, eat and than sleep for 14 hours. Even though they are know to hibernate, hamsters still sleep over 14 hours on a regular basis, meaning they spend more than half of their life sleeping under ground or in their cage if they are kept as pets.

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Koalas have a very well known reputation as the lazy and slow animals. Koalas spend most of their life on trees and occasionally get down just to climb on another tree or find water, even though they usually get enough water from leaves that they eat. They don’t really do much, usually they just hold on to a tree, eat some leaves and than go to sleep, than wake up and eat some more leaves and than they go right back to sleep. They sleep from 18 to 22 hours a day.

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Opossum is a nocturnal mammal, it is most famous for its incredibly convincing ability to play dead. Not only does it sleep for 18 to 20 hours a day, but it can even play dead when it is awake in case it spots a predator. Their playing dead is not a conscious decision, it is actually a biological reflex when they spot a threat. An opossum feels as if it fainted while in reality they fall down and start to produce a smell from their anal glands smelling and looking like a dead animal. 

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Lemurs are well known for their slow pace of moving and life in general. Even the name lemur was given to them based on the word lemures from roman mythology, meaning ghosts and spirits. It is believed that lemurs got their name based on the fact that they are nocturnal and their movements are slow, so when people saw them moving at night, they looked like ghosts. Even though most nocturnal animals are solitary, lemurs actually live in groups. These groups usually don't go over 15 members. They all sleep together during the day, and they can sleep for 16 hours like that.

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Sloths got their name after one of the seven cardinal sins, sloth. They were named that way because people saw them as incredibly lazy animals. They move at a very slow pace and don't really do anything special, they hold on to a tree, eat and than sleep for 15 to 20 hours. What most people don’t know about sloths is that their slow movements are actually dictated by their metabolism adaptations in order to save as much energy as possible. So they are not really that slow, they only behave like that. Once they spot a predator they can represent amazing speed and strength, which most people find shocking. They have a very friendly appearance and if you think living with one sloth would be a joyful experience, check out what living with 200 sloths would be like. 

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Armadillo is one of the most puzzling and interesting animals alive today. They are also called living dinosaurs because the are one of the oldest animals species on Earth. Armadillos are mostly known for their shell that they use for protection against predators. Not all armadillos can roll into a ball as you might think, actually only a three banded armadillo can roll into a ball with its hard shell protecting it from all sides. They also have the ability to hold their breath for six minutes and walk on the bottom of waters because of their heavy shell. Even though they have all these amazing abilities, they can only be seen using them for about 5 hours a night, since they sleep around 19 hours during the day

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Lions are one of the biggest cats out there, and we all know cats sleep allot, but how much do lions actually sleep? The answer is it depends. It mostly depends on how much they eat. If a lion eats a big meal he can sleep for incredible 24 hours until it is digested properly, but even when they are not as full, they can still sleep for 19 or 20 hours each day

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