These Animals Just Love to Make Silly Faces – 15 Pictures

Animals are often entertaining and that is one of the reasons we love them. They can behave funny, but they can also make silly and ridiculous facial expressions. Some of the animals on this list are wild, others are domesticated, but they all have one thing in common – they like to goof around and make funny faces when they are being photographed. Well, some of the pictures were actually taken at the right moment and they all show that animals, just like humans, can express a wide range of emotions with their face.

Whoa, this kangaroo fight is amazing!

Well we all know koalas are adorable, but this one is so funny and confused or maybe even amazed I literally laughed for a couple of minutes when I saw it. I don’t know what the koala in this photo saw, but whatever it was, it sure was mind-boggling.

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