The Smallest Hardworkers out There – 15 pics

It is generally known that ants are very hardworking, in fact they are the smallest hardworkers on the planet, capable of carrying a hundred times heavier thing than themselves. They are the second best organized society, because the first place belongs to bees. Here is some information about them that you probably did not know. In every community there are divisions of labor, and thus also in ant community. Namely, each group of ants has its own tasks. Among several groups, the most interesting is the one that resides at the base's bottom, because its members serve as a storage for nectar. The ants of this group with bellies full of nectar are waiting for worker ants to come across, and to give them a refreshment they desperately need. Worker ants put their mouths on storekeeper ants' mouths and drink nectar. In their world, this is the only way of preserving nectar for the thirsty working ants on field.

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