The Most Authentic Birds of Europe – 8 Pictures

We have always admired the birds. They have wings and can fly and see all the wonders of the world from far better perspective. Their freedom and power to soar high in the clouds is an unfulfilled wish of many people. Blue sky calls birds to enjoy the music of mild winds, and we are left to admire them and be a little envy on their abilities.

White Angel

One of the most beautiful birds in the world is swan. Birds belonging to this species are worthy of admiration. Although national swan of Denmark has a name “Mute swan“, this bird is certainly not without a voice. It only announces less in comparison to the other members of this species. Maybe that's why it is favorite among the swans because you can watch him without disturbance while he calmly and proudly displays the beauty of which is obviously aware. The mute swan is a heavy bird. Although these are mostly peaceful birds, if their nests are threatened, mute swans change the mood and become very aggressive.

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One More Beauty to Admire

Another example of the immense beauty of the snowy whiteness is the Whooper swan. Visually, it's not that different from its predecessor and is the national bird of Finland. This powerful bird is very demanding in terms of space and needs vast watery expanses. While much of the time this swan spends in the water because of his weight, Whooper Swan has enough power to fly persistently. The sound he produces reminiscent of the honking and it's very deep. These swans live in pairs and they are devoted to each other for the lifetime.

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Invaluable Asset

It is said that the white storks are a symbol of fertility and wealth. If this statement is true, then Lithuania is the richest country in the world because of its national bird is actually the long-legged white stork. Although this bird migrates every year to find warmer climes, she still regularly returns home. This bird is very easy to identify by her long legs, long and strong beak, but also by the specific places where she makes nests.

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Long Legs and Easy Motion

Another long-legged beauty has the status of a national bird. Black-tailed Godwit is a trademark of the Netherlands. In addition to the long legs and beak, its main feature is the orange head. Orange color from the head goes wider over the neck and chest, while the rest of her feathers are of gray-brown color. Of course, there is also its black tail after which it is named. This bird is truly unique because of its appearance. But, if you want to see all her pageantry, better move closer and take a deep breath.

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The Largest Among the Big Falcons

All falcons are birds of prey. The largest among them is the Gyrfalcon whom many people call the Gerfalcon. Perhaps the reason for this is precisely the fact that he prefers north parts such as Iceland. Not only this bird likes country where he mostly lives, but also residents of the country prefer him as their national representative. Some call this dangerous bird just Gyr. Falcons have always been appreciated, while throughout history were the favorite birds of the Vikings. Gyrfalcon females are larger than males, which is typical of all falcons. His plumage is not always uniform and is subject to variations in color, therefore we can notice different shades of black and white, but also brown and silver.

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Dipping Into the Water Is Funny

It is strange that in far northern countries such as Norway there might be someone who likes to dip into the cold water. But, it is not impossible. The national bird of Norway, white-throated dipper, is like a magic example of courage and heroism. This bird miraculously collapses into the water and with a high-speed comes out, regardless the speed of the water flow. She got the name not only because of her incredible love for water, but also by white feathers located directly below her throat. The rest of the plumage reflects from white, through gray and black. She is flying fast, while her wings produce strange noises. All this makes her a unique bird.

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One of the Most Beautiful Sparrows

If you enjoy the chirping and hinterland of small gray sparrows, White Wagtail can refresh your view of the world. Although the gray color comes with this type of sparrow too, black cap and throat with white face make this bird really different. This little creature eats bugs that hunts across the surface of the earth. This bird lives maximum up to 12 years in wild. It is easy to recognize this bird thanks to the sound with a very sharp tone that she produces. However, when all assemblies in the song, it is very pleasant to listen. All those who would like to enjoy socializing with these birds should visit Latvia because the White Wagtail is their national bird.

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The Cobalt Blue Treasure of Estonia

One of the most beautiful swallows in the world bears the name of the Barn Swallow. This fantastic specimen of the species is truly worthy representative of the Estonia. Its bright cobalt blue color is so characteristic and specific, so the Barn Swallow cannot be changed with any other bird. His tail is long and unique and has a shape of fork, and is therefore another sign of recognition. These birds are low fliers and enjoy making their nests under the roofs of houses or other buildings. Except that Barn Swallow has the very specific appearance, he is known by the big population. Their song recalls the happy, vibrant tones. Males are courting females with their song and feed them during love game.

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