See the World from Their Point of View – 11 Videos

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could see the world just as animals do? Then we could finally experience the dragonfly’s ultra-color vision or the sniper sight of eagles! Sadly, we cannot. There are great attempts admittedly, Virtual Reality helmets for instance, but they can’t give us the exact sensation of, say, an owl gliding among the branches in hunt. But if the sensation is unattainable, the point of view is not! For this, we just need a GoPro camera and a willing animal to attach it to!

1. Dog

More than willing, he seems to love it! Meet Walter, who can’t wait to be let from his leash. Wonder where is he headed in such a rush?

2. Hammerhead Shark

We’ll be staying submerged for this one. A shark’s fin is simply begging for a camera! Dipping a bit into the underwater world, notice the distinct feature of all hammerheads – their unusually shaped head.

3. Eagle

Only one word to describe this: splendiferous! Seeing an eagle glide and soar in wilderness, a sight no shy of breathtaking!

4. Another Eagle

Let’s change the setting a little. Ever wondered what Burj Khalifa looks like form an eagle’s perspective? These guys also wondered, and decided to do something about it. The result of their endeavor is stunning!

5. Turtle

If these are the sights a turtle sees every day, I want to be one! I’ll be slow, granted, I’ll eat see weed and snails, but I’ll enjoy the watery world from a unique perspective.

6. Cat

Do you really want to know what your cat’s doing when you’re not around? Here’s a day in little Betsy’s life.

7. Lioness

Enter the world of a slightly bigger cat. This is lioness at her most mild.

8. Cheetah

And then a slightly faster cat. It’s really amazing how cheetahs maintain a steady gaze while running at such speeds. Being the fastest land animal, cheetahs are also known as no-climbers.

9. Horse

Ever ridden a horse before? All right, you have, but have you ridden him in full speed? There’s nothing like it in the world. Here’s how it looks like!

10. Pelican

Learning to fly is essential for almost any feathered animal. Here we have a unique perspective of a pelican learning to fly. That’s right, and in reverse too.

11. I Think Not

And here’s someone who’s not exactly a camera fan.

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