Heartbreaking Moments of Ultimate Love in 8 Pics

In the recent stories, we have shown you that humans can behave worse and do more damage than any rabid animal. Now, it's time to show you the other side of that medal. We'll do that by presenting you with some heartbreaking stories that will remind you of the mutual love most people share with their pets.

We'll start with a story of a 12 years old German Shepherd named Tommy attending every mass at small church in Italy.

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heartbreaking 1

He patiently sits by the altar, where he bothers no one and no one bothers him.

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heartbreaking 2

People there grew accustomed to him and are even feeding him now.

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heartbreaking 3

They take care of him because they know the reason he's there: his late master, Maria, had funeral here, and since that's the last place he saw her, now he diligently waits for her to return and take him home.

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heartbreaking 4

Picture below is the last picture of a police dog Kaiser, member of the Plymouth Police Department​ who, due to severe kidney problems, had to be put down. He was escorted to his final journey by his fellow police officers.

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heartbreaking 5

Pittsburgh police officers lined the hallways of the veterinary office, some in their uniforms, others sporting green canine unit sweatshirts. They just learned that they've lost one of their own.

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heartbreaking 7

Canine Rocco died after failed recovery from stabbing wound. He got stabbed on a line of duty while he was helping his partner, officer Phil Lerza apprehend a suspect. On the picture you can see officers paying last respect to their fallen comrade.

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heartbreaking 6

For the past 8 years, this dog, Capitan, has been sleeping on the grave of his owner, Michael Guzman who died back in 2006. He only leaves when the Guzman family comes to visit their deceased family member and as soon as they leave he promptly returns to his place, keeping his owner safe until the rest of his canine life.

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heartbreaking 8

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