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Animals can set examples to people in many things but they most certainly can teach us something about loyalty. There was a dog in Japan, Hachiko was his name. He remained remembered by his extreme loyalty to his owner. Since he was a little dog, he used to see his owner off to the railway station, and wait for his when he came back. Unfortunately, his owner died of a heart attack, but that didn't stop the dog to wait for him, though he never came back. The dog lived at the station, the personnel was giving him food and shelter for 11 years the dog was waiting! Talking about loyalty! Hachiko lived at the station until his own death, after which the statue was raised in his honor. After the story became famous, there was a Hollywood movie “Hachi: A Dog's Tale” made about it, starring Richard Gere as the owner. Watch it, but prepare some tissues for the end, trust me, you'll need them.

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