Sadly Different Bird – 11 pics + video

Kiwi bird is named after its method of singing In fact, when it starts getting dark the bird beeps elongated tone, which sounds about: kiiiii-wiii. These birds are sadly unique because they don't fly. They have vestigial wings, which are not visible because of the large amount of feathers located on the bird. Feathers are mostly gray, but there are black and brown parts also. Kiwi has an elliptical body, a short neck and a long beak. They're about 40 cm tall and can weigh from 2 to 5 kg. It is interesting that this bird's nostrils are on top of the beak. This is because the kiwi does not see well at night, so it is hunting the prey using the senses of smell. It turns out that this bird is unique on many levels. Imagine how sad it must be for them, being a bird, but without ability to fly. The female usually lays two eggs, about which the male later takes care of, until the little ones become self-sufficient.

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sadly different bird01

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sadly different bird02

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sadly different bird03

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sadly different bird04

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sadly different bird05

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sadly different bird06

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sadly different bird07

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sadly different bird08

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sadly different bird09

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sadly different bird10

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sadly different bird11

And, finally I want to share with you one exceptional short film – Kiwi, created by Dony Permedi. Original version is excellent, but I will share with you, my favorite, so called Mad World version (music by Gary Jules). Enjoy, and don't cry…

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What do you think? In this film, is Kiwi crying from happiness or sorrow?

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