These Animal Escape Artists Can Give Houdini a Run for His Money – 10 Pictures + 2 Videos

Animals can sometimes be very mischievous and there have been many cases where some of them have escaped from a zoo, but only a chosen few of them can truly be considered escape artists. So, without further ado, we will now take a look at some of the most famous escape artists from the animal world.

Fu Manchu, the orangutan

Fu Manchu is not the only orangutan on our list, which means that these animals are true escape artists. Fu Manchu didn’t actually escape from the Omaha Zoo where he was a resident, but he was, more than once, found outside of his exhibit. His lock-picking skills became legendary after Zoo officials installed surveillance cameras to see how he gets out of his exhibit. It turned out that he was able to unlock the doors that employees used with a tiny piece of metal wiring he always kept hidden in his mouth! I guess he was a true animal Houdini.

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