Loving the Rain or Not? They Don’t Seem Really Fond of It – 12 Pictures

If you were ever caught outside without your umbrella when the rain started to pour, then you can sympathize with animals on our list. Some of them enjoy the rain, others find cover in the most unusual places, but most of them simply deal with the situation the best way they can. Whether you are a rain lover or not, some of these photos are so beautiful that you will surely love them. So, let’s take a look at some of these amazing images of animals caught in the rain.

I don’t need a big leaf

This tiny frog knows how to protect himself from the rain. All you need is an umbrella. It helps if you are so tiny so you can make a leaf of any size serve you as an umbrella and this frog obviously has experience with rainy weather.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 1

I wish I was outside!

Do you ever feel like going out in the rain and just let yourself get wet? Maybe doing a little dance in the rain? This kitten seems to enjoy raindrops on the window, but I am not sure that he would enjoy them as much if he got wet.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 2

Move a bit to the left mate

When the raindrops start falling on your head, it is important to find a good cover. These adorable owls found a perfect leaf to get under. It is big enough for both of them, as long as they don’t move too much. The other guy in this photo seems like he is ready to take a nap in the rain, which I like doing very often as well, although not when I am outside.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 3

Thank God my mommy is so big!

When you are a baby elephant, there isn’t a better cover from pouring rain than the body of your own mother. I mean, there is enough room there for me to find a place as well, but this little elephant is for sure enjoying his view of the rain while staying perfectly dry.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 4

I don’t care about the rain

The animals we have covered so far on our list all found a place to hide or something to use as an umbrella until the rain stopped. This brave bird, however, seems untouched by the pouring rain. He either likes the rain too much or he just wants to prove that he is strong enough to withstand the weather. Maybe there is a girl watching him.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 5

I wish I found a better umbrella

This orangutan found an umbrella, but it could have been better. There are holes in this one, so a few raindrops managed to get through for sure. Also, judging by the look on his face, this orangutan isn’t really a big fan of the rain.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 6

Come down mate, it’s way better!

I guess finding a great rain cover isn’t so hard when you are a snail. I mean, you have a shell already, so you don’t really need much more. But you can also walk upside down, which was the preferred tactic of this particular snail. The grasshopper, on the other hand, seems to enjoy a bit of the rain.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 7

This mushroom is a bit small

Anime lovers out there will probably agree with me that this owl looks like the famous anime character Totoro when he stands in the rain waiting for the bus. Well, this cutie seems like he needs a bigger mushroom since this one barely covers half of his body. And it isn’t even standing straight, so the rain pours down directly on him.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 8

When will this rain stop?

Finding a great “umbrella” isn’t such an easy task, but this monkey did a great job. His leaf is big and firm and he is not getting wet thanks to it. It looks like he is dealing with rain often, since he has a lot of expertise when it comes to protection from rain. I guess practice makes things perfect.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 9

Get that camera out of my face!

We all know koalas are sweet and adorable animals, but if this photograph can be used as evidence, then they obviously don’t like rain. I mean, really don’t like rain. This particular koala seems really mad and I don’t blame him since it looks like the rain was pouring for a long time and he is completely wet. If I were him, I would be mad, too.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 10

I told you we should buy an umbrella!

This adorable couple knows that having an umbrella is very important if you don’t want to get wet and catch a cold. That is why they invested in it and now they can enjoy. This was particularly smart decision when you take into consideration the fact that most cats don’t like water. Smart move cats, smart move.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 11

Wow, this umbrella is nuts!

Who says that squirrels don’t know how to use umbrellas? This little bugger is obviously great at it. And it seems like he likes it a lot. I don’t know if that is because he is protected from the rain or because he really likes the color purple, but whatever the case is, he is certainly enjoying his umbrella a lot.

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loving the rain or not 12 pictures 12

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