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Looking for an ideal cat breed? Something elegant and playful, intelligent and devoted, strikingly beautiful and unique – think about having a Turkish angora! And these are far not all of the traits of this majestic cat breed.

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Be ready for a new star in your house

So, you brought your new little cutie pie home. As soon as the kitten gets used to you and the new environment, it will start seeking for your attention. Get prepared to pet and play from 4 to 8 hours a day!

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Simply gorgeous

Also be prepared that friends visiting your house will pay more attention to your cat, than to you. Especially, if you have a pure white fur beauty with blue or mismatching eyes, as Turkish sultans used to have. Odd eye color is very common for this breed; it gives the cat a rare alien look

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If you want some color

Although, not all angora cats are white, as they used to be in old times. Many years of breeding have passed, so now you may find plenty of different solid tints, as well as tabby, tortoiseshell, calico or other patterns. Still, large eyes and ears make this breed visible among the other cats.

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Patience, please

As we have mentioned before, Turkish angora is a very active and playful cat, no matter how old it is. If you have a favorite vase on the highest shelf, it will be a very magnetic goal for the Turk. But don’t be too harsh with your monkey mind pet! Angora is also very affectionate, gentle, and devoted to the family.

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Does angora sweater have anything to do with an angora cat?

Well, they both are nice and fluffy, and they both have the same Turkish origin. The old name of Turkish capital Ankara was Angora. For centuries European visitors have been taking Minor Asian cats back home as souvenirs. The legend says that Vikings were the first who brought them from Turkey to the Northern countries more than a thousand years ago.

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Zoo workers saving the cats

The breed eventually got to be so popular that became endangered in Turkey. It was saved only through a special breeding program originated by the Ankara Zoo in the 1950s.

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Still want to have one?

Turkish angora is a great choice for families with small children, and a lively companion for senior adults. It is easily adaptable, ready to accept dogs or other animals on their territory, but strongly believe they are the real masters of the household.

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The bossy one

This “master of the house” will greet and inspect all your guests, becoming a host at your parties, so the newcomers will never get bored and you will always have a security guard!

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When your cat is perfect

What else to add? When you have an ideal beauty with a gracious body and loving soul, you have to come to terms with the overactive temper of your beloved one. All in all, nobody if truly perfect, but when we love and care we are ready to accept any imperfection.

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