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Every time while we read about animals, look at their pictures or watch videos about them, we really enjoy what nature gave us. Just at the time you think all those animals are magnificent and special, let us remember there are species that are disappearing from the planet faster than they are being born. If you could change that, whether you contributed to save many species of unfortunate end? Think about things you can do to change this world and make it become a better place for all of us.

Sleepy Maned Sloth

Of the several types of Sloths that exist, Maned sloth is the only one that has a status of vulnerable animals. He belongs to a group of three-toed sloths, and his life's habitat is Brazil. Although Brazil is a big country, its surface are clearly not in favor of this animal. People extract lumbers that are the natural habitat of these specific animals and thus reduce the number of these species on our planet. Maned sloth lives mainly in the eastern part of Brazil. Are you maybe a resident of this area? What can you do to contribute this animal restore the population?

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if you could help these animals survive would you do that 10 pictures 1

An Impressive Jaguar

Large Cats always fascinated us with their beauty and power. Do you feel sorry when you hear that some big cats are Near Threatened? Exactly Jaguar is one of these animals, and regardless of his domination and appearance, his population is decreasing. Although this is the world's third largest cat, he is not  always able to deal with threats usually caused by people. The reason is again the same, reducing the natural habitat of these animals with an incredibly strong bite. Very often the influence on reducing the number of these animals have people who are not at all merciful when they get an opportunity to earn well. If you are residents of South and Central America, but also of some parts of the North America, did you think about how you can help these really specific types of cats to survive?

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if you could help these animals survive would you do that 10 pictures 2

Really Special Northern Spotted Owl

If you are already scared with an expression “Near Threatened” animal, it is a time to meet one more resident of the USA and Canada that has this mentioned status. This status is slightly moving to threatened, so what will you do about that? Northern spotted owl is a bird that obviously needs help of all people living in this area. These owls need space to live and that is not only a few square kilometers. There are only around 2,500 pairs of these birds flying around, do you think that is enough? Unfortunately, it is not and we need to react quickly to save these cute and unusual looking animals.

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if you could help these animals survive would you do that 10 pictures 3

Noble Boreal Caribou

If you ever have the opportunity to enjoy large expanses of forest in the Boreal Caribou, stop for a moment and look better. Look into the raw power of these animals that captivate us with their nobility. Did you know that the natural habitat of Boreal Caribou is big Canada's Boreal Forest, which extends from the Northwest Territories to Labrador? Although acting gracious and impressive, these animals are very sensitive to any kind of harassment and belong to of sedentary animals. Maybe that's why their numbers declining and they belong to endangered species. Maybe, it is about time that the people in Canada wake up and help them survive.

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Save Asian Crested Ibis

On the list of endangered birds there is always place for many. One of them is Asian Crested Ibis, an interesting bird that lived in Japan, China, Russia and Korea long time ago. Every year their number is going down and now you can see them mostly in China, usually in incubation center of Shaanxi province. We can hope that Chinese people will give their best to save this bird. They were trying hard all the time, maybe we can give them at least moral support in their bitter fight?

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if you could help these animals survive would you do that 10 pictures 5

A Lion or a Monkey – It Doesn't Matter If It Is Endangered

If you are viewing a picture of golden lion tamarin from a distance, you might think that you are actually standing in front of a real lion. This monkey of golden color and a mane reminiscent of a lion, and is a special piece of art of the animal kingdom, so he should be preserved. Some call it the Golden marmoset, and his habitats are the Atlantic coastal forests which extend through Brazil. Be aware there are only around 500 individuals that live in zoos for now. Will the people of Brazil do even better than this to help grow the number of these animals again? We hope they will, as they are already doing a lot.

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Specific Okapi – How Can We Help Him Survive?

A close relative of the giraffe – Okapi is an animal which at times reminds people of the zebra. Yes, this is probably confusing to observers, but one thing is clear – this animal is endangered. Is Central Africa, which is the natural habitat of these interesting and unique animals, sufficiently prepared to face the fact that Okapi is slowly disappearing from their forests? Due to the loss of their natural habitat, their number is drastically reduced. Tropical forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are no longer sufficient to sustain their existence. Yet, these animals are endemic to these areas. What can we do together to help Africa preserve this beauty?

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if you could help these animals survive would you do that 10 pictures 7

Milne-Edwards’ Sportive Lemur

In tropical and subtropical forests, we can sometimes meet Milne-Edwards' sportive lemur. But he does not live in all types of forests. It is very important that these are dry forest located in Madagascar because this lemur is endemic to exactly these areas. This cute animal with large eyes that often gently look out from their shelters in some tree is actually endangered. Would you like to help Madagascar to preserve them for future generations?

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Red-Cheeked Gibbon – Unique Gem of Nature

One more animal that is endangered lives in tropical evergreen forests of southern Vietnam, eastern Cambodia and southern Laos. These animals are known for early morning sounds and songs they sing every day. The difference between males and females is evident, as their colors are completely different. While males are black, females are bright yellow or pale orange. The cubs are always initially yellow and look like their mothers. Later, as they grow, the color of their fur changes. This unique animal needs our protection and help. All who wish to contribute to their preservation are welcome to the countries that are their natural habitat.

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if you could help these animals survive would you do that 10 pictures 9

Is It True That We All Love Gorillas?

When we say Gorilla, that makes various thoughts in our heads. However, what is the case with most people is that you have an odd sense of intimacy with these animals. Maybe the reason is that we once upon a time had ancestors similar to them. Although Cross River Gorilla belongs to the new species of animals, you probably do not feel comfortable when you hear that they are critically endangered. Cross River State in Nigeria may not have enough power to help these animals that need a lot of space to survive. Everyone should be willing to offer its contribution to the rescue of these animals that almost everyone loves.

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if you could help these animals survive would you do that 10 pictures 10

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