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When you are in a bad mood and feel like you would like to jump over one to another day, a hug is something that can help a lot. That is the strongest weapon against the sadness, so those in need should find someone to give them honest, friendly hug.

The Dog With the Greatest Heart in This World

Of course, it is sometimes not important if you are hugging people or animals. It only does matter if you can feel the positive vibrations the other side is sending you. These are Louboutina and Fernandez Chavez, and this is a story that will melt your heart. 

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Fantastic Position

Louboutina is a celebrity dog, very famous in New York. And that is with reason. Just look how she holds one paw over another when she is shaking hands. It sounds like she knows how to behave with people to make them feel like they can trust her. She got her name after famous French shoe designer, so maybe this is why she was born under the lucky star

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Hugging Habits

Everything started around three years ago. Fernandez noticed that Louboutina started hugging him when he breaks up with his girlfriend. As his relationship was over and he felt a bit bad, his Golden Retriever gave him support and started to put the paws and hug him to show they share the same pain

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Stepping in Front of the Crowd

Somehow, the things are going smooth when you are born to be a star. Fernandez Chavez went out with his dog on Valentine's Day in 2014, and this is how everything started. People were happy to see how Louboutina was hugging his dad and they were coming one after another to cuddle her and make a photo to remember

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No More Loneliness

That day, people who were lonely had the opportunity to get some attention they needed desperately. Of course, maybe it was not the same like they were with their partners, but at least they had a feeling somebody wanted to give them love, at least for a few seconds. 

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Let's Move Further

But, Louboutina didn't stop only on Valentine's Day. She was euphoric to give people a hug every day, as that is something she likes to do very much. The more people are on the street, the more happiness this cute Golden Retriever feels. 

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Selfie Time

Although this beautiful dog likes to share her love with everyone, she is still a sweet girl who belongs to her daddy with all her heart. This is why they enjoy making selfies from time to time, not missing any moment. 

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This Is Not a Simple Jump

What you can see on this picture is not just something simple. No, this is not a leap on a man who is going through the street without purpose. She feels this guy needs attention and this is why there was no chance for her to step aside. 

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Some People Like Shaking Hands

Although many people enjoy hugging, some of them like to shake their hand. You don't need to be necessary sad to spend a few minutes with this beautiful animal. But, like this, your smile will get even bigger. 

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The Internet Champion

Well, there is not a limit one can reach on Instagram when we speak about followers. At this moment, the Retriever's Instagram page has more than 120 thousand followers. If you think this is not so much, wait for a few more weeks and check out what will happen. 

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Share the Love

While Louboutina is ready to give her whole heart to make you happy, she also enjoys when you are willing to give this love back. Just tap her gently on her head, and you will feel the enormous positive energy coming out. 

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Put Your Magazine Down

If you want to feel the real hug and get down on your knees, you can always put some magazine on the ground to save your pants. But, even if you get dirty, there is nothing as cute like you can share the feelings with this dog

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Hold Me Tight

Be careful, as she is not a lightweight dog. Once she jumps on you, try to stay stable on your legs and keep her secure. Even if you are afraid you might fall, that is not so important. The energy will be intense and even falling on the ground will not change that. 

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The Happy Faces

You can find Louboutina in Chelsea, New York. Every day she spends two hours in hugging. Her dad doesn't mind that. He is triumphal to help people feel better during their hard days. Even if you are coming from abroad, you can send him an email and arrange the meeting with both of them. Take your chance and get the best hug ever. 

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The Real Hug

Beside simple hugs on the street, Louboutina knows how to give a real hug, the special one while she is completely in your hands. It would be good to try, as this dog can make your day. No matter how big your problems are, she is here to help you. She waits for the passengers in need and gives the best from her heart.

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