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People think that they are one of the most capable species in the world, but when it comes to survival on Earth there are a lot more adaptable species of us. These animals act indestructible, and thanks to their actual superpowers, can truly survive anything.

Immortal Turritopsis jellyfish

This kind of jellyfish can transform its cells from mature state to become young again. After maturing and mating the jellyfish starts its initial cycle of life and becomes immortal. People were always searching for the elixir of youth, and maybe this jellyfish can be our right source for that.

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Space invertebrate

This invertebrate creature you can boil, you can deep-freeze them, you can crush them and they are always going to survive. It’s absolutely impossible to destroy them! It is called Tardigrade and is about 1.5mm long. In 2007 when the satellite went into space, many of Tardigrades were attached to a satellite and survived the exposure to space. These strange looking creatures can survive extreme conditions (from extreme cold to extreme heat).

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Life in the air

Swift birds can spend 200 days flying in air non-stop. They are long-lived birds and can survive 48 hours without food. Because of their aerial lifestyle, they almost don’t have legs.

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If you are pregnant, many exotic water parks will not let you swim with the dolphins. Why? Because dolphins adore pregnant women. Dolphins communicate with ultrasound, so they can feel your and your child's heartbeat. They consider pregnancy fascinating phenomenon, and although they do not think to do any harm, they will gather around a pregnant woman. The reason why pregnant women are prohibited to swim with dolphins is that some women can get scared when all the dolphins rush toward her.

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Pokémon face fish-frog

Because of its unusual appearance: the body of fish, frog’s legs and face of Pokémon, seems like a figment of the imagination of a 3D modeler. However, the axolotl is a real animal. Believe it or not, they have been in existence for staggering 350 million years. This strange creature is also known as the Mexican walking fish. Ambystoma mexicanum or axolotl can be found only in Lake Ksokimilko in Mexico. Sadly, they are threatened with extinction because of the destruction of its natural habitat and water pollution. People still hunt them despite the bans, because they want to keep them in the aquarium. Their superpower is that they can live in water and on the ground also.

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Alpine Ibex

This animal definitely likes to defy gravity! It is an unusual climber that lives on the surrounding rocky mountains and is used to walk on rocky terrain. This unusual trait allows them to reach those almost unreachable food sources and do some exploring. Also, mounds made of stones and walls produce a lot of minerals and salt, and they present a real delicacy for these animals. 

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Octopus- now you see me, now you don’t

They are the most intelligent invertebrate in the world and can separate the arm from the body (yes, octopuses have hands – not tentacles), spray ink, move in perfect rhythm with underwater currents, slip through the tiniest openings, and the most fascinating of all – they can camouflage and “completely disappear” in a second. When they feel the danger, they can literally change the shape in the moment. Bags of yellow, red, brown and black pigment, called chromophore, allow them to change the color of the body. While tightening certain muscles, octopus transforms the texture of the skin that may appear as smooth or rough ocean ridge. Besides all super powers octopus has, it has developed – three hearts!

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Lyrebirds can imitate everything!

These amazing birds are the best mimics in the world of birds! They can imitate the sound of every animal or bird,car alarms, chainsaws and motorbikes among others.

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Powerful Mantis Shrimp

Do not be fooled by the size and color of this little guy because it has one of the strongest kicks! Their shot has the strength of 1500 N – roughly 22 caliber bullets. These shrimp can move at a speed of 23 m/s. Some of their species are strong enough to break through the glass.

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Pistol Shrimp

This creature looks harmless at first glance. Pistol Shrimp has one larger and one smaller claw. With a “hand” that resembles a hammer, it can produce a very strong blow. The noise generated by these shrimp can reach 218 decibels and this fact makes them the noisiest creatures of the ocean.

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