Rottweiler, A Good Family Dog – 10 pics

So provided you spend the time training your Rottweiler, you should find that you are left with an obedient, gentle and loving companion. Another thing which people often believe is that Rottweilers are not good with children. In actual fact the Rottweiler tends to really like children and in a family environment they will often protect the children and lay down beside them whenever they go. That is not to say that they should be left alone with your children; especially when they are young. However you should never leave any dog with any child no matter what its breed as children can unknowingly cause the dog to become agitated. Another advantage to the breed is that they very rarely bark; especially if you own a male Rottweiler. They are more likely to stand and watch everything and this has gained them a reputation for being a little unpredictable. They do not always give much warning before they do attack and so that is another reason why good training should be given from an early age.

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