Unusual and Rare Dog Breeds – 10 pics

Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years and some breeds have some really recognizable and outstanding features. While all breeds, by definition, are unique and easily defined there are some breeds that simply go well past the mark of being unusual. These breeds often require special care and are definitely not dogs for everyone. The following are some very unique or extreme dog breeds from around the world.

Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested – this dog can be either with or without hair, but the more known variety has hair only on the top of the head, the feet, and the tail. There is also a variety of Chinese Crested called the Powderpuff that has hair all over the body. They are a very fine boned dog that only grows to about 11-13 inches when fully mature.

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Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound – this is a natural born hunting dog with very clean lines and abundant energy. The Ibizan has very light skin tones and pigments, which makes it a very unique looking dog. They can be up to 27 inches in height and have an amazing ability to jump from a standstill.

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Komondor – one of the most unique looking breeds this huge dog is covered by masses of ringlets that hang down to the ground. The hair actually looks like a coat of cords and is almost totally weatherproof. The Komondor is almost 27 inches at the shoulders when full-grown and can weight up to 100 pounds. This coat is always white but may have some cream or buff coloring in the cords.

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Puli – another of the herding breeds, the Puli has a distinctive long shaggy coat that drops down to the ground. The outer coat of the Puli will often form cords like the Komondor, but the Puli can be gray, white, black, or rusty black. The Puli is usually about 17 inches when full grown.

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Scottish Deerhound

Scottish Deerhound – this large dog is very gently and excellent for almost all living arrangements. It is very tall, almost 32 inches at the shoulders, and has coarse, 3-4 inch hair all over its body. The Scottish Deerhound has a very expressive face and is excellent with children.

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Shar-Pei – also known as the wrinkle dog, this breed has a definite physical appearance that sets it apart. The extra wrinkles on the coat require frequent care and cleaning to avoid skin conditions, but the breed itself is generally healthy and adapts well to most living conditions.

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There are many other rare or extreme type dog breeds available throughout the world. If you are considering one of these breeds be sure to research the needs of the breed and make sure that you are able to commit to any special environmental conditions or health concerns that the breed may have. Many of the miniatures or “tea cup” varieties of the toy dog breeds are also extremes of the breeds, but these often have a wide variety of health issues that tend to occur throughout the dog’s life. As with all breeds always buy from a reputable breeder to ensure that you get a happy and healthy puppy.

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