Penguins of Madagascar Really Exist – 7 pics

Another interesting article in papers…In Tokio there was an organized hunt on a little penguin that escaped from the zoo, and was seen as swimming in the river. As they said, the one-year-old penguin managed to sneak out from the zoo and come to the Tokio bay. Manager of the zoo said that this 60cm tall bird succeeded to climb up the cliff twice as high as itself and escape the enclosed space, which it shared with 134 other penguins. He also said that penguins can't fly, but sometimes, especially when something frightens them, all wild animals show 'explosive' strenght. Maybe something surprised this little penguin and he ran up to the cliff. Vets don't expect to catch it in water, because it swims in breakneck speed, but they will wait for it to get out on ground to sleep.

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