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It is already known that people are the most intelligent beings on Earth. In the animal kingdom, there are also many quadrupeds considered for being intelligent because of their clearly expressed features.

Creative chimpanzee

Chimpanzee is considered for the smartest one between primates. Its intellect, as it is already well known, is the closest to the human, and these monkeys can easily make and use tools, hunt, and find collective solutions to complex problems. They are able to learn the language of gestures-movements to communicate with people. Chimpanzees are also capable of using symbols for marking the objects and associate logical symbols for accurate transmission of basic ideas.

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Sociable dolphin

It is not a coincidence that dolphins are the main stars in many international water parks and aquariums. It is just their way of expressing their intellect. When we talk about cleverness, a large number of scientists have put dolphins in the first place. They are very sociable creatures and have a “complicated” language that people have recently begun to understand. These animals use various instruments available to them in their natural environment, and can easily recognize and adopt a wide repertoire of commands. 

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When someone has a memory like an elephant

Even though it has a small head compared to the body, the elephant is considered for one of the 10 smartest animals on planet Earth. It is widely known they have an extraordinary memory, one of the best in the animal kingdom. Elephants protect and courage their family members and can communicate with each other. They also like to help other animals in trouble. And there is one more thing about them! They are able to recognize their own reflection in the mirror, and this ability has only a few mammals on Earth. Among other skills, it was discovered that they’re able to fantasize and have their own imaginative world. 

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Intelligent rat

Rat is also considered for one of the smartest animals, although it is one of the greatest pests. It can easily go through the tiniest cracks, and it always finds a spare hole for escaping. One of the biggest reasons why the rat is an important laboratory animal is because of its psychology, which is similar to human. Studies have shown that it has the ability to control his cognitive activities, and also has a very developed sense of smell and hear. In Chinese culture, this rodent is highly valued because of its ingenuity and speed, and it’s located at the top of the Chinese horoscope.

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Undiscovered mind of a cat

There isn’t questionable reason why a cat should be on the list of the world’s smartest animals. These animals can easily imitate, learn tricks and can adapt to different conditions. If the cat has in mind to do something, nothing can stop her. She will come up with the easiest way to reaching the goal. Because of this fact, there is a saying that you can never really know what the cat is thinking about while you’re looking at her. Their intelligent mind will always leave us speechless!

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Curious octopus

It is already well-known the story of Paul – the octopus that had predicted the final results of individual matches during the World championship in football in 2010. Octopus is considered for one of the smartest animals whose habitat is the water. Its brain is as complex as the human’s and contains special sections for processing visual information. Octopus is curious, has the ability to use the instruments and to adopt certain skills. Scientists have discovered that the octopus also has an incredibly long-term memory.

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Unsurpassed dog

On the list of the top 10 smartest animals in the world, the dog is certainly on one of those places. It’s widely known as “the best human’s friend” and they are able to follow and learn the activities we’re showing to them. They are exceptional candidates for training and can communicate with people not only with barking but also with their body language.

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Sneaky Crow

In many enlightening fables and stories, the main character is often the Crow that is considered for a sneaky and a very smart bird.  Crow is able to make nests from twigs, sticks, feathers and parts of weeds and can skillfully bring out the worms from the cracks of wood with a specific tool they’ve made. Certain types of crows are able to make a complex tool for catching fish and it’s also widely known that they can easily imitate a human voice. Nowadays, many people start to keep a crow for a pet because of their ability for learning tricks.

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Meticulous pig

It is really hard to believe that the pig belongs to the group of the 10 smartest animals! This is not the only surprise because it is also claimed that they’re very clean animals. There is a wrong opinion the pig is dirty and messy! It doesn’t have sweat glands, and because of that, it’s often seen rolling in the mud. Experiments from 1990 confirmed that the pig is a very intelligent animal and some species are able to use the keyboard with their muzzle.

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Ants build their own cities

Ant is not only known for its diligence, it is also a very clever creature. These insects are highly sociable and can communicate with each other using pheromones. Pheromones are sometimes also used for confusing enemies! They also leave their scent trail for remembering the way they’ve passed, and their ability to build underground cities is often seen. And there is one more thing about ants! They are the only animals in the world (besides humans) that farms food!

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