Next Time You Count Sheep to Fall Asleep, Think of Valais Blacknose Sheep! – 11 Pictures

When I was a kid, when I had troubles sleeping, my mom would always say to me to count sheep and I will fall asleep faster. Well, I was lucky that I had seen sheep before since I lived in a village, but if my grandmother had Valais Blacknose sheep instead of regular, primitive breeds I am not sure that I would be able to go to sleep at all. I mean, I think Valais Blacknose sheep are cute now, but I was easily frightened as a kid and this breed is actually somewhat scary. I mean, you can barely see their eyes since they have such a black face. Anyway, I will let you decide whether Valais Blacknose sheep are scary or beautiful.

They come from Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country located in the Central Europe. There are 26 cantons, or member states, in Switzerland and Valais is one of them. Valais is positioned in the southwestern part of the Switzerland, around the Rhone valley. Here is where the Valais Blacknose sheep originated from, on the green pastures under the Alpes.

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