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Whether migratory, domestic or predatory, birds are famous for their sensitive disposition towards their young ones, familial atmosphere in their nests and loving and creative conditions in which they raise their offspring from babies to grown-ups ready to cheerfully fly, pose in zoos and forests or simply poop on our windows or keep company to the retired on the park benches. Even though we might rightfully opt for a cat or dog when deciding which animal we want as our pet, it is undeniable that this collection of bird parents and their youngsters is absolutely adorable. Moreover, we should keep these photos in our memories for those dark moments when we decide that it is time to wash our window sills.

Circus bird

This bird was definitely creative when deciding where to make its nest. I bet none of you would ever think about putting a baby cradle on a windshield wiper. We can unmistakably call this small bird an acrobat, because the balance it takes to stay on the wiper can be compared to the skills needed in the circus when trying to walk on a rope. In the case this bird is not so much into acrobatics, the only possible answer for nesting here is that it is either a gold digger or a sugar daddy. 

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Sightseeing with mommy

Do you remember the first time when you first went with either your mom or dad around town? This is precisely what is happening in this photo only in the waterland. This mommy swan took her children around and they look as confused as you probably looked at that time. The only question here remains whether they will also get an ice-cream by the end of sightseeing. 

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A bird or a caterpillar?

How many legs does a bird have? The answer is obvious- two! But, after seeing this photo I thought that I am either very bad at counting or that I desperately need a pair of glasses. The offspring of this fluffy bird found a perfect warm spot under the body of their mommy which she obviously doesn’t mind. However, if you don’t know that other small birds are below her and if you look at the photo from a distance, this mommy seems like a bird with a caterpillar complex

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Bedtime stories

It’s true! Nobody can learn in advance how it is to be a dad and this photo is here to prove that. This image is not so much about the children as it is about the daddy owl. It can be a real tribute to all the dads around the world. The story behind the photo is probably the following: he came home from work, anxiously waiting to reach his bed, but then children said – read us a bedtime story! What a good dad can do, but to try and stay awake. 

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Shoe house

At least once in a lifetime any of us had that perfect pair of sneakers which were so great for us that we didn’t want to throw them away long after they outlived their expiration day. At least once, we said about those trainers that they are so comfy we could live in them. This bird understood that literally and decided to live and raise a family in its favorite pair of shoes. The only thing which remains is for this bird to ask for some money in exchange for advertising this shoe brand with a motto: they are so cozy that you’ll always feel at home. 

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Breakfast time

Some of my best memories are related to my childhood days. This photo of a Black-headed Oriole and her child reminds me of those weekend day when you wake up late, sense a delicious smell from the kitchen and start yelling: what’s for breakfast, what’s for breakfast!? Whether it is a fresh worm or as in my case, pancakes, the enthusiasm is here, as well as mother’s look saying: nothing for you before you wash your face. 

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Family photo

Weddings, birthdays and other celebrations seem like a perfect opportunity for the adults to dress up, eat something delicious and catch up with old friends. However, for children this is an amazing time to play with other children and run around. The unavoidable part is, of course, taking a family photo, which means stop playing and smiling into the camera which seems quite unnecessary. Here is the similar moment of taking a family photograph in the world of beautiful Barn Owls. While mommy and daddy are politely posing for the photographer, small Barney thinks sitting is fine and grimaces are more original. I would agree with him, wouldn’t you?

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Grumpy duck

Having many brothers and sisters is sometimes difficult. It includes many fights about toys and other stuff. And things are no different in the duck family. While the other children went under mom’s wing to hug her, little Grumpy decided to stay aside. But every mom loves her children even when they are mad, so while hugging the rest she is looking with one eye at her little Grumpy waiting for him to join his brothers and sisters

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Flamingo kiss

Birds are typically small creatures and when we think about their size we often imagine a bird which can fit into our hand. However, some of them are not such and a typical example is a flamingo. I was always wondering why they have such long necks. After seeing this photo it became obvious- so that they can kiss their newborn child

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Like father like son

Whether our biggest fear or hope, children take after their parents- physically and mentally. Genetics is truly a magnificent way of nature telling us where we belong. In this photo, there is no doubt that the two birds are father and son. Not only do they have the same facial expression, but also the same haircut. I imagine other birds often say to this Buffy fish owl daddy the common sentence: The kid has your eyes. 

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