Moving Story of the Cutest Little Coyote Gemma – 11 photos + 3 Videos

We, the coyote​s, belong to the family of dogs. That probably explains my great getting on with the dogs from my pack. Except we eat from the same bowl, we are truly inseparable friends. Our playing takes a long time and these are real, exciting adventures. Anyway, wolf and jackal both belong to the same family of Canidae and the genus Canis beside us, the coyotes and domestic dogs. Surely you have already found a lot of similarities between us? Except for dogs, we are all wild animals, but, if you meet me, you will see that we are not as dangerous as others, as we are considered sometimes. We can also be great friends of people. 🙂

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moving story the cuttest little coyote gemma 11 photos 3Pin

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