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The most beautiful expression is the one when makes things around by its will. The most beautiful landscapes, colorful sights and the beauty of everything around us arise thanks to nature. So, the same is with animals. Nature sometimes plays tricks, and this is how the sweetest creatures are being born. It's not hard for them to be masters of the Internet today.

Meet Yana

This is Yana, one of those who was born to be different. If you look at her from the opposite sides, you might think she has a double face. Isn't this kitten cute? Don't you feel some strange love at first sight? It would be impossible for anyone to feel different, as this young lady can melt anyone’s, heart. 

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The Beautiful Chimera

As you can see, this cat is one perfect chimerical beauty. Her owner is Elizabeth from Belarus. This girl studies and keeps Yana like the most precious thing in her life. When she is not attending classes of architecture at the National Technical University in Minsk, she is with her cat. 

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Between the Pumpkins

This kitten likes to play, like all other little kittens. Being among the pumpkins can be a quite new experience for animals, as their intense color can keep attention for a long time.

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How Did Yana and Elizabeth Meet?

Well, like all big loves start today on the social networks and the Internet, the similar was with these two girls. In July 2016 Yana was advertised on one Belarusian website. The name of it was Nasha Niva. This is where Elizabeth found her.

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From a Naughty Kitten to Gracious Cat

Of course, kittens cannot stay little forever. This is how the hero of this story has grown up in a short time and became a beautiful cat. But, she kept the all her authentic marks and a perfect relation between the colors.

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The Favorite Walk

Are they going out for a walk? Yes, Yana is always ready to go out. She is sometimes naughty, so Elizabeth has to put a leash on her neck. But, that is probably for some long and distance parts where she wants to be sure her pet will not get lost.

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I Am Tired Mom; Please Take Me

But, what if Yana gets tired when the walk is too long? No problem, her mom will take her in the arms. This is the best place for one cat, as she can feel the heartbeats and enjoy the moment.

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Young Scout

Well, it is hard to keep Yana close the entire time. In some moments she wants to be on her own. This is not strange, as every cat likes to climb the tree and this lady acts like a scout. It looks like exploring around is one of her favorite activities.

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Time for Adventures

But, Yana and Elizabeth sometimes have the adventures in a pair. Don't you think they are both fantastic models? It is so obvious this cat was born like a superstar. No, she is not a witch; she is only pretending to be one.

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Exciting Moments

Her mom always knows how to keep some special moments they have together. You have to admit the cat has a fantastic balance on Elizabeth's arm, but that is the last we can expect. Maybe because of similar photos, Yana has more than 35 thousand followers on her Instagram profile.

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Fantastic Landscape

If you look at this picture, we are not sure if you might decide what is more beautiful – the landscape or Yana. She perfectly fits in this lovely surrounding, and this is how we can proudly notice this picture is the real work of art.

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Leave Me Alone

Being a two-faced cat is not an easy assignment. All the time cameras are around. Yana sometimes likes to be alone and enjoy on her favorite blanket. At least, she can fit her with her body and half of the face. But, what we are going to do with another half of her face that makes her visible?

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The Holiday Picture

Elizabeth always tries to catch the moment. All holidays are nice if you have good company. The cat looks perfect beside the Christmas tree, although we already forgot a bit how was the atmosphere for the holidays.

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The Real Present

Although there were no gifts under the Christmas tree and we might think this young mom didn’t get anything for the holidays, Yana was the biggest gift. Just decorate her with a colorful bruise, and everything else becomes superfluous.

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The Final Touch

In the end, is there anything else we should say about this gorgeous pet? She was lonely and found home worth of a queen. The love between them is visible, and we hope this couple will stay together for a long time. We do believe that at least few photos a week on her profile could make us all enjoy some minutes on the Internet, as for Yana is not hard to be famous.

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