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The moderate European climate makes many animals feel good, especially those accustomed to live here for hundreds of years. They enchant with their appearance and arouse different emotions. Europe has a lot to be proud of. All these natural treasures and impressive animals are worthy to be shown like a wealth to the world.

Strong Like a Rock

If the road once brings you to Belarus, you may have the pleasure to see in live the European bison. This extremely powerful animal is also known under the name of Wisent. In addition to the American bison, this is the only animal of this kind that survived the harsh battle with its oppressors. Although he belongs to endangered species, his appearance is really impressive, and you will have the impression of being in front of a piece of beautifully sculpted rock standing upright despite all the bad winds.

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The Precious Cubs

Although lions seem scary at times, they seem twice as sweet when you look at them playing with their cubs. Believe it or not, lions roar so loud that one can hear them even at a distance of 5 miles. Lionesses are very skillful hunters, while males are recognizable by their darker manes. This big cat is a symbol of nobility and royal status, so it's a favorite of many. Lion is also the national animal of Belgium.

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Cute, but Aggressive Pine Marten

The pine marten is a Croatian national animal with a beautiful fur, which is very appreciated and expensive. This tiny and sweet animal represents the natural animal wealth of the Croatian people. Croatian translation of Pine Marten is “Kuna” and that is also the name of their currency. These animals are not shy and are real predators. They are very fast and easy climb on trees, thieving the eggs of birds. Besides that, they eat other small animals, but fruits and nuts as well.

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Big and Dangerous Brown Bears

Finland is proud of its national animal, but how could it not be when we speak about the passionate and big brown bear. These animals can reach a weight of almost 660 pounds, and they can be deadly for a man if they find one along the way, especially if they get angry. On the other hand, these bears know how to show their gentler side. Just look how this big animal plays with a cub, and you will realize how this big brute can be gentle and compassionate animal.

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Graceful Representative of Moldova

Although Aurochs represent distant relatives and predecessors of domestic livestock in Moldova, the encounter with this grandiose, yet so elegant bull is not a common thing. These animals live in herds and males often fight for the favor of females, but they also fight to show their superiority over other members of the herd. Their struggle is not naive, because males have strong and sharp horns which often can cause injuries. Given the fact that these animals frequently appear on the drawings in caves where people lived millions of years ago, this animal has a remarkable cultural importance.

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Mountain Beauty with Distinguishing Features

Fjord Horse is a native to Norway. Horses are noble and strong animals, and as a fjord horse comes from the mountains, his strength is even more pronounced. Compared with other horses, he is one relatively small horse, but with beautiful lines and fantastically shaped body. Furthermore, what can be noted are markings that are easily recognizable. Fjord Horse has body parts that are darker than its basic colors, such as the tail, mane and dorsal strip, so it is easy to recognize. In addition to the above, there are several little details that might be considered as their characteristics as well.

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Cute, Specific and Dangerous

Another wild cat, who wins the hearts of people, is the Lynx. This cat is very specific in her appearance, so it is very difficult to mix her with other cats. They have specific ears that are easily recognizable because they have black hairs on the ends. Their tail is short, which makes them different from other members of the wild cats. Whiskers on their face are long, while their paws are padded and large, suitable for walking on snow. A different subspecies of Lynx live in many other countries, but the purest representative of the Lynx is the one that is a national animal of Romania.

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Enjoying the View of the Pure Force

When we mention the Spanish Bull, the first thought that comes to mind are the Spanish bullfights. However, this is not the only thing that sets it apart from others. Spanish Bull is very strong and aggressive animal with strong horns and of extremely big weight. His muscle is most evident in the neck. His eyes are covered with protective ridges, while the hair on his body is generally shorter. People often believe that the bull reacts to a red color and becomes aggressive, which is absolutely false.

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Strong Totem and a Name for Mails

The Serbian national animal is a wolf. This animal is a typical representative of the Balkan countries, and is closely linked with the Serbian mythology and cults. For years the Serbian people used this animal as a symbol in religion and like a totem. Wolves are widely acclaimed in the songs, but also represent the symbol of fearlessness. Wolf in Serbian is translated as “Vuk” and this name is often given to newborn male babies who were born weak or sick. It is believed that thanks to this name accidents will fly away from them, and thus they will be saved.

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