There Is Someone for Everyone out There – 10 Pictures

We have all been down in some point of our lives, trying to overcome some kind of obstacle in our path to happiness and content and in those times, we often needed just a helping hand to push us forward to keep on fighting. That was exactly what Hoshi the American Eskimo needed when he started to lose his eyesight. He was 11 years old and the change, hard to overcome at any time, was going to be even more difficult since Hoshi was able to see his whole life. His owners were naturally scared of this new predicament and thought that a dog friend might help Hoshi adapt to his situation more easily. They didn't even dream how right they were and that is where our story begins.

Hoshi meets Zen

Half a year before Hoshi's life-changing operation was due, his owners decided to add another member to their loving family, especially since they felt that the companionship of another dog might help Hoshi adjust to the life in the darkness that awaited him. They adopted a Pomeranian they named Zen and in no time Hoshi and Zen became best buds.

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