Important Thing to Know When Choosing a Pet

A lot of people don't really think much before they choose a pet. They just go for the cutest one but it turns out to be one hell of a ride because they picked pet with wrong character (that is if you believe in astrology). Here, we'll help you with your choice for the next pet (you just have to find out their zodiac sign).

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Aries – Competitive and fierce, these animals will make their own set of rules. If you don't show them “who's the boss” early on, you could face potential problem later. If you play your cards well, you'll have loyal and protective companion.

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Taurus – Pets born in this sign are really subtle. They can spend whole afternoon next to you, watching TV. Keep in mind that they are pretty possessive so think twice before changing or taking away the bowl that they refused to eat from or they favorite toy. They are also famous for being overweight most of the time because of their uncontrollable eating habits.

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Gemini – If you like to have your afternoon peace, stay away from these pets. They are always keen to report everything that happens in the neighborhood by barking, meowing, etc., depending on the race. They are always in need of your attention and will stop at nothing while trying to attract it.

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Cancer – They are renown for being overly attached. If you decide to get pet born in this sign, count on heavy duty house protection, eruptions of joy when you return home from work and 24/7 escort around the house. They are also great with babies so you don't need to worry 'bout “Pet or Baby” dilemma.

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Leo – If you have every seen a pet that just loves to be in the limelight, you were probably looking at Leo. They enjoy basking in the attention of everyone currently in the room, and if you refuse to give them that, they will position themselves in the way that you will have no choice. You will probably find them at the middle of your desk, lying over you laptop, on the top of your chair or some other easily noticeable spot.

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Virgo – In contrary to the Gemini, these guys are pretty submissive and calm. They will give you your space, won't draw too much attention and are the best choice for people who like their routines. They are creatures of habit meaning that they will eat, sleep and expect a walk in the same time everyday.

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Libra – Animals that belong to Libra zodiac sign are one of the most beautiful and charming animals. They always get what they want, but beside being a bit manipulative, they are also very lazy. The interesting thing about animals born in this sign is, once you think you got to know them and got used to their behavior. they will change it completely. These animals don't like to be bothered or cuddled too much.

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Scorpio – With a pet born as Scorpio you will never know the exact location of the things in your home.They just love to hide them (especially when they get angry with you), as well as to hide themselves in some secret places known only to them. The best game to play with these animals are hide and seek. Cats born in this sign will usually bring dead mice or birds home, so don't be surprised…or disgusted.

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Sagittarius – They are travelers – these animals will love to go for a walk or to visit a friend – their or yours, never mind. If you have an active family, for example one or many boys you can't restrain, the Sagittarius pet is the right choice for you. However, in rare occasions these hyperactive animals can become tired of jumping around and get lazy. If this happens, don't worry, everything's fine, they're just tired.

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Capricorn – If you notice that your pet is stubborn, sometimes even more than you, it must be a Capricorn. Beside being stubborn, these guys are also very hardworking, so if you have a “Capricorn dog” it is most likely that your garden will be full of freshly dug holes…all the time! So, if you're thinking about holding this pet indoors – don't.

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Aquarius – As well as humans born in this sign, the animal ones are very sociable and will probably bring all the animals from the neighborhood straight to your place. These pets are recommended only for innovative and creative people, since they hate routine and adore improvisation. They will harshly reject everything that even reminds of rules, prohibitions and commands. They won't let anything jeopardize their freedom. Note to self – don't ever give them the same food twice in a row.

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Pisces – Pisces are the kindest of them all. They can feel your mood and react to the most subtle changes of your feelings, You will recognize these pets by their immense love towards water – they will enjoy in taking a bath or drinking water from the sink or tap. One of the interesting things about cats of this zodiac sign is that they can stare at wall for hours. And also, they all like quiet music.

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