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We have to admit our lovely cats are not always sweet angels. Sometimes, they get furious and turn into real little devils with beautiful eyes. Would you like to have one cat that is not always in a good mood?

Cats Like Boxes – Myth or Truth?

If you try to explore a bit about habits which cats have when you put them in a box, you will find out they enjoy these moments. But, this cat looks like she had an awful day. Not even a box can make her happy today.

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 1

How Do I Look?

Don't you people dare to think I am tired? No, I am just angry at everybody around today. This is why I insist on occupying this place, and I will not move until tomorrow.

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 2

The Angry Eyes

This cat looks like she feels nobody understands her. The humans behind her are happy as they cannot see her face. Probably she thinks how it would be great if the day comes to an end very fast.

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 3

Oh Human, Don't You Dare…

Do you think you can quickly take sweets from a hungry cat? Or, we should better say angry cat? You can try your luck, but we believe that won't be enough to reach the goal. Just look at her eyes and try not to freeze, as this cat will not allow you to do what you want.

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What About Little Kittens?

Well, even when cats are small and naughty by their nature, they can get angry. Don't try to interrupt them while they are doing something important, or at least something that looks important for them. They can react violently, like little lions.

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 5

Testing Ground

Some animals are wise, and they like to test the surrounding before they attack and express their anger. That is the case with this cat. She will touch the hand with her paw first to check out if it is soft enough for a good bite. Hm, not any of these reactions was expected, that is the fact.

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 6

Like in the Movie

Some cats are born to shine like movie stars. This one is a perfect example of one superhero who knows how to show the teeth in the right moment. Just look at this unique expression in her eyes, and you will notice her anger is not the same like with other cats. 

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 7

New Hair Style

What? Don't you like my new hair? I don’t care; you can think what you want. With or without this artificial thing I will be angry, and there is nothing you can do about that. Enjoy the view, there are no two cats like this one, as she is angry enough to scare you in a second. 

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 8

No Way to Move

If you think about moving this cat from the place beyond the chair, forget about it. She would probably stay there all day long, as she is in a terrible mood. We suppose that someone tried to tell her she is guilty of something. Well, this was the reaction we could imagine, standing like a rock and ignoring everybody

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 9

The Holiday Anger

Some cats are always angry, even during the time of holidays. Not any clothes can make them feel good, and they are all the time in a bad mood. That is the case with this ginger cat. Not any Santa Clause cap can make her look different from how she looks during the dull days through the year. But, even if she is angry, she is still cute.

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angry but still kinda cute 10 pictures 10

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