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People, if they are good, always find time and energy to help others. Those people are without a difference helping both people and animals. One man was in the right place at the right time to help the hero of this story and make him stay alive. Let us all pray together for his recovery.

Meet Davey – the Cat With Hope

This is Davey, orange cat that survived a car accident. He's wearing not only a piece of ordinary clothing, he is wearing a body cast that saved his life. However, he got this helpful medical support only thanks to the man who found him.

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How Everything Happened?

Nobody knows how an accident happened because some insensitive driver hit the cat and left it lying injured on the street. However, some of us are still born under a lucky star, and so was Davey. Despite the injury he suffered was terrible, he was lucky to find a man with a good heart who immediately took him to a hospital for animals.

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Tough battle for life

This emaciated cat was admitted in Savana Animal Hospital. The hospital is located in Jensen Beach, and right here Dr. Ries saved the life of this poor animal, together with her team. A diagnosis, which Davey got was broken cervical vertebra and they found it when they were scanning his little body with the X-ray machine.

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Keep Calm and Let the Time Help

It is inevitable to set up body cast on this tiny cat. The injury had to be fixed, so Davey couldn’t move. Furthermore, people who worked at the hospital have made him a space in which his stay will not be monotonous and they have even put variety of toys around him so he can at least look at them while lying motionless. Although he had every comfort as regards accommodation, from the moment of the injury, time was what he needed the most to recover.

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Veterinarian Glover – the Cat Keeper

Hospital officials have worked during the day and the cat spent time there. However, the vet Glover could not deal with the thought that this immobile cat could stay alone over the night. This is why every time when working time ends, he carried him at home and took care of him until the next morning.

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Nothing is difficult when you do that with love

Although concern about such animal represents a major commitment and something that many would not agree, Glover patiently repeats this ritual every night for almost seven weeks. He holds a cat in his lap while watching TV and thus helps him to quick recovery. Is there any progress? Yes, from day-to-day the cat is better. This good man says he can notice an improvement because the cat begins to be restless. The body cast is something Davey doesn’t like, but he will have to keep it for some time. In that period for him remains only to purring restlessly while surrounded by attention which comes only out of love.

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Accident Often Brings Friends

Although in the accident friends are rare, it is possible to get a new one. How Glover has a dog at home, these animals became friends. Now Oakley, the foster dog that has three years, is probably his best friend. But, this dog is also a support to his body during the recovery. It's nice to have a friend when you need it most.

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I will do it by myself

Although he still does not have enough strength to move his body, Davey has begun in recent days to sit up independently. He is using the benefits of certain supplies, but there is obvious progress in fighting this serious injury. It all happened back in July, but the removal of body cast is envisaged only for three to four weeks. Will this cat at the end of September finally stand on his own feet once again? It is likely that will be able after the physical therapy that is planned in the near future.

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Sweet Dreams to Full Recovery

Although his dream is might not really carefree, Davey still sleeps sweet because he stayed alive and will manage to cope with his problems. Due to the fact that the recovery is running very well, Glover is already looking for future proud owners who will fully take care of this cuddly cat. During that time, he will continue tirelessly to take care of him to completely heal his wounds.

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