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We have all been in situations where something was expected from us, to do this or do that. And we usually do what we are supposed to. Usually. But sometimes, you just don’t feel like it and it shows. You just don’t care. You don’t give a damn. And you are ready to act on those feelings, even in the face of a great danger. Well, this might not be easy for us, humans, because of social conventions, but animals don’t have a society to hold them back. They can do as they please. And these animals on our list sure do whatever they want.

1. Gangsta goat

I can almost hear this goat singing “As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death” while going straight through this group of crocodiles. I didn’t think I would ever say this, but I wish I was as brave as this goat. I think we need a new scale for measuring how hard-core a person is – from zero to gangsta goat. I am pretty sure that this goat is the spirit animal of Chuck Norris.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 1

2. Another gangsta goat

Unlike the previous goat, who infiltrated the enemy lines, this goat decided to mess with the police instead. He knows he is gonna end up in prison, but he just doesn’t care. He is the goat king. All hail the goat king!

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 2

3. Some ducks don’t swim

This duck is living a strange life. He doesn’t swim, so he has to pay the fare every time he wants to get to the other side of the lake. Either that is the case, or he just doesn’t care at all.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 3

4. Who’s the chicken now?

This awesome hen obviously has an identity crisis. I mean, chickens are supposed to be afraid all the time, right? Well, not this one. This one just doesn’t care, she eats what she wants, no matter who is guarding the food.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 4

5. Ducking the rules

This photo has only two possible explanations – either this duck is some kind of a street artist and is drawing in the cement, or it just doesn’t care about letting the cement dry. Whatever the case is, this duck respects no authority.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 5

6. A new kind of snow dog

This pooch obviously prefers snow to any carpet or even bed. Who would have thought that it is easier to remove snow than to remove a dog? This picture reminds me of myself in younger age and how I behaved when my mom vacuumed my room. I didn’t care about that, just like this dog doesn’t care at all.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 6

7. A new pet

Have you ever wondered how your life would look like if you had a deer for a pet? Well, the unsuspecting owners of this house found that out and my guess is that they are loving it. This new pet has obviously become deer to them.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 7

8. The best alarm clock

There are two types of people in this world: those that get up on their own and those that don’t get up even when the alarm rings. Well, this dog might be a solution for us sleepyheads. Although, I think that I would probably react the same way as this cat does. I wouldn’t care at all.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 8

9. Break the rules

You think that this doggy sat on the “no” by accident? I don’t think so. He is a rebel. He follows no rules. He makes his own rules, in fact. You can try to break him, but he will break the rules instead. And break you in the process. He is tough. He doesn’t care and he never will.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 9

10. Party time!

We all have that one friend who is a party maniac and always does what he wants and ruins your fun in the process. You are just chillin’, sittin' around, having a break and he comes and decides that it is time to have a wild party. And if you try to keep on chillin’, he doesn’t care. He does what he wants and you have to obey him, one way or another.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 10

11. A comfy chair

This raccoon found a comfortable chair and he doesn’t plan on letting go of it anytime soon. Even if it leaves eventually, you know it will just barge in unannounced tomorrow. It doesn’t care if you have to leave the house, he can stay. It’s like having a PS4 while nobody else in your group does. You can always expect visitors.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 11

12. What's up?

This is one smart cat. It obviously knows It is safe on the other side and doesn’t care what might happen if dogs somehow break through. The only thing that this photo needs are some sound effects. Just imagine inserting Nelson’s “Ha-Ha” in there. That would make this story complete.

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 12

13. Gansta goat strikes again

Seems like goats are fearless creatures that have no respect for rules and authority. This one clearly doesn’t care about the sign and it just does what it wants. I mean, who can blame it? We all like to climb on the rocks, don't we?

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 13

14. Not caring – level pro

Nobody beats this cat when it comes to not giving a damn. Kudos to him, however. Why should it chase and attack these mice just because the society expects it to do so? This cat is clearly a pacifist, maybe even a hippie. Say no to war!

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 14

15. Walking is overrated

This is me whenever someone tells me it is time to exercise and lose some weight, so I can completely relate with this pooch. I feel you, bro! Just because you CAN walk, doesn’t mean that you HAVE to walk. And why would you when there is obviously someone who can just drag you around?

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these animals just dont care 15 pictures 15

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