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Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, especially when it is clearly oriented to animals. If with such love comes a passion for photography, then one can create the most beautiful pictures in the world which will run around the planet at high speed.

The Happy Family

An example of one family in Australia will show us that happy and harmonious families exist. Besides the human part of this family, their place under the stars in a warm house found three dogs and one Australian miniature pig.

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The Strong Bond Between the Animals

A true story about love that this pig has for animals comes through the camera of Alissa Childs. She is a professional photographer and enjoys socializing with the animals. Her talent has emerged with her love, and she began to make fantastic photos which tell us a story about Olive, Lola, Alife, and Tilly. While not everything was perfect, now these four animals are inseparable.

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Fantastic Moments

Olive was born in August 2016, and now she has a bit more than a year. But that was enough to become friends with all other animals. Alissa started to make photos of and share them with the rest of the world on her blog. That was the moment when spectacle on the Internet started. When Olive arrived at the farm, Lola was there to greet her. Alissa feared the French Bulldog will not accept a new animal in her environment because she was always suspicious of other animals. However, a miracle happened, and the animals became friends from the first moment. When Alfie (the Boston Terrier) and Tilly (the British Bulldog) came later to the house, they all began to enjoy the company, and even sleep together.

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Feel the Weight of Life Partner

To be part of the family, sometimes you have to submit to the burden this brings to your life. Sleeping in the pair can be very pleasant for both parties in some moments, while in some situations, one party must suffer the weight of the other. These are just some moments that Alissa Childs registers on the list of her professional photos. Very often she is photographing the whole family, along with her husband Nick and their youngest member of the family. All successfully photos she publishes on her Instagram profile, where you can follow the adventures of the day.

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The Beautiful Garden

Games in the yard have become daily enjoyment with no end in sight. The animals were happy they could run and have fun, while their Mom was thrilled because she could make different photos that many admire.

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Let's Look Into the Sky Together

Olive sometimes looks in the sky together with other dogs, and it is such a remarkable moment that their mom can record with her camera. The fact that Olive was raised with the dogs made her behave as he is not a pig, but like a real dog. Whether this can be called a crisis of identity, behavioral disorder or adapting to existing conditions? However, this pig feels that she belongs to this family and act like a dog.

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The Moments of Pure Attention

Olive enjoys the moments of sharing tenderness with her loved ones. She's so cuddly, what is easy to see. But, when the dogs begin to bark passers who are passing beside the fence of the property, she runs together with them. Would she bark if she can? Hm, perhaps she would be the favorite one among the company. 

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the piglet that found a home among dogs 9 photos 7

Let's Take a Nap

When it is the time for an afternoon nap, Olive always joins her comrades. There is nothing more beautiful than a sweet dream. You can notice that this pig has a ring in her snout. Do not think that her mom was the one who likes to put this type of insignia to her animals. The first owners, from which she got this Australian miniature pig, practice organizing a vet to put rings in snouts of all the animals to prevent them from digging. Sometimes, it is necessary to curb the destructive forces that rule in some animals, as it is nicer to watch them while they sleep.

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Time for a Walk

How the walk of the dogs would look if Olive is not with them? It is impressive to see the love that prevails among them. Maybe all this seems unbelievable, but it is a truth that the happy family is enjoying every moment together. We believe they will prepare many exciting moments in the future, especially because in the future we can follow and admire their acrobatics.

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the piglet that found a home among dogs 9 photos 9

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