Why a Pygmy Hedgehog Is the Perfect Pet – 10 Pictures

Lately, the world started going crazy about the African pygmy hedgehog. It became No1 on a must have list of pet lovers. And not without a reason, though. These adorable little critters naturally live through most of Africa and southern Europe, but most of the pet hedgehogs have been captive bred for many generations. Let us give you 10 perfectly justified reasons why you should consider this lovable creature as your pet.

1. They are Not Noisy

Hedgehogs, unlike dogs, do not bark. They are pretty silent animals. Maybe you can hear them running on a squeaky wheel, or if they are upset or in pain they can hiss or make a squealing sound. But all in all, they are perfect for the apartment, because, they will not disturb you, the neighbors or any other pet you have in your home.

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