All These 7 Creatures Have Genuine Feelings Too

Although the misconception that animals only have the basic instinct for food, water and sex, it is almost always overlooked that they can get truly emotional, just like humans. What is more, they tend to emphasize certain feelings even more than us, with each specific feeling or emotion belonging to a particular animal. So let’s glance at the subtle and caring creatures.

Elephant remembers

Agatha Christie didn’t spontaneously decide to refer to the memory of an elephant when making up the title of her book, and she was not wrong at all. Elephant are creatures proven to have a huge span of memory, reserved mostly for emotional events of great significance and similar things. For example, if a fellow elephant from the hoard dies, his elephant mates would symbolize the grave with their own touch, and literally stay next to it for a week after the “funeral”. Besides that, they are very, very likely to visit the grave ever y now and then, making each year a year that proves their beloved won’t be forgotten. How touching!

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