All These 7 Creatures Have Genuine Feelings Too

Although the misconception that animals only have the basic instinct for food, water and sex, it is almost always overlooked that they can get truly emotional, just like humans. What is more, they tend to emphasize certain feelings even more than us, with each specific feeling or emotion belonging to a particular animal. So let’s glance at the subtle and caring creatures.

Elephant remembers

Agatha Christie didn’t spontaneously decide to refer to the memory of an elephant when making up the title of her book, and she was not wrong at all. Elephant are creatures proven to have a huge span of memory, reserved mostly for emotional events of great significance and similar things. For example, if a fellow elephant from the hoard dies, his elephant mates would symbolize the grave with their own touch, and literally stay next to it for a week after the “funeral”. Besides that, they are very, very likely to visit the grave ever y now and then, making each year a year that proves their beloved won’t be forgotten. How touching!

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The immense dolphin kindness

It is widely know that these creatures are truly exceptional due to their similarity to human nature. They live, laugh and love. They do not make exceptions regarding the species they show affection for, as they are equally likely to help one of their own kind and a homo sapiens. That is truly poetic. The story that resembles a dolphin’s affections is the one about Yvonne Vladislavich. She was the victim of a yacht accident, and was located in the middle of the Indian Ocean. She prepared herself for a sudden death, when suddenly a group of dolphins pushed her for nearly 200 miles to a buoy where she was picked up by a ship. They also protected her from the sharks. A dolphin is surely one of a kind animal.

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Rodent compassion

Many people associate rodents with only being filthy and looking for something to destroy, but actually, they are creatures with huge empathy towards their own kind. They are often associated with a greedy and selfish attitude (all belongs to me!), but recent studies have proven quite the opposite. In one experiment, one rat was free to run around, and the other one was trapped in a very small cage. The free one always tried to find a way to break the cage for his fellow rodent. Some of them thought that the rat salvation was initiated for pure social interaction selfish reasons, but the case proved true even if the trapped rat was being freed in an another compartment, not physically close to the savior rat.

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Penguin’s soul mate

Although the popular story that they only have one partner for a living is not fully true (they find another one if their partner dies actually), penguins still have the ranking as one of the most romantic animals out there. They constantly roam around with their partner, showing signs of love and affection. When they go wandering in the ocean, after they get back to the land, they find their loved one by his voice among the large penguin crew. How romantic!

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Dogs feel jealousy

Yes, a dog is a man’s best friend, but a dog has some human common traits, although he is always mistaken for a mistake free, enthusiastic creature. In a recent research, one dog owner was given a book, a computer and a fake, fluffy dog. He was ordered to use those things engagingly in front of this pet dog. The dog didn’t care when he read a book, or used the laptop, but the dog has proved to be really upset when his owner pretended to play with the fake dog. The dog even tried to get between them physically all the time. Looks like “sharing and caring” doesn’t prove right for the cute dogs. Oh well…

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Superstitious pigeons

The famous psychologist Skinner had conducted various experiments with animals, primarily rats, but also pigeons. Being an expert for emotional conditioning, he wanted to research the human and animal behavior before and after certain essential events. For example, when Skinner wanted to mess with pigeons, he started with food. He placed the food next to them, but without the possibility they could access the food. Pigeons started to believe various particular superstitions, in form of actions they need to have done before they are given access to the food. For instance, one of them tried to spin around, and the other one moved in a certain shape. So looks like we aren’t the only species who believes in things like Friday the 13th and seven years of bad luck for a broken mirror.

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Drunken fruit flies

Some of us really need to find contemplation in liquor, and what’s a better reason than a failed relationship? It seems that fruit flies do the same notorious thing. In the experiment, the (sexually) rejected males rather turned to alcohol infused food than the normal one. We understand you bro! Stay strong!

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Cats feel affection

Yes, some people don’t like cats, emphasizing the argument that dogs are simply friendlier and more loyal. But research disagrees, as they say that cats feel the same affection towards humans just like dogs do. Maybe they don’t lick you, or jump on you enthusiastically, but they love to cuddle and rub their faces against their owner. They are really loving creatures actually, and it is a pity that they are mistaken for being too dog redundant (couldn’t think of a better phrase.)

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Awwww, just look how cuddly they can get!

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When you get to truly know them, you wouldn’t get away from them.

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