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Distant lands of Australia and Oceania hide their animal wealth in forests, cities and their waters. Housed in a small space, there are many valuable specimens to mention. However, only some of them have gained the title of national, while only rare animals got the sign of uniqueness.

Fascinating and Inevitable Red Kangaroo

Although we know a lot about Red kangaroos, they are still mystical and fascinating animals for all of us. This large marsupial is like a protective sign of Australia and some data states that in this country there are more kangaroos than people. It is very interesting that females can determine a sex of their young, and when they feel bad period for youngs is coming they can even postpone gestation. Young kangaroos are born extremely early, and as such are not able to fend for themselves in the outside world, so they spend a few months in the bag of their mother like in a haven. Even once they decide to become self-sufficient, very often they jump back if they are scared.

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The Real Fight

The fight of kangaroos might look very interesting, but it is not a naive thing. In fact, such a fight can be extremely dangerous because these animals are the largest marsupials in the world and reach the height up to 2 meters. They fight with back legs as they are jumping and hitting the enemy with their full weight and this is not pleasant at all. However, they are social and do not like to live alone. Their groups consist of at least three members, and sometimes can reach a hundred.

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Extraordinary Abilities

Red kangaroos are extremely strong and rapid hopping animals. They are moving at a speed of more than 40 miles per hour. In one jump they can cross over 7 meters and a height of a jump is around 3 meters. Perfectly developed hearing and ability to move their ears without moving a head allows them to better monitor the surrounding. Fun fact is that they can absolutely control their legs so on the ground they run by simultaneously moving of last legs while in the water they move legs separately to make swimming easier. This animal is truly exceptional and specific.

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Sweet and Innocent Faces

Though far away Emus might not seem alluring, when you look closely at this lovely face you will probably start loving it immediately. These birds are another boon for the Australian people. However, do not let this sweet face fool you because Emu can grow to a size of as much as 6.5 feet and reach weights of around 130 lbs.

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Playful Birds

If you ever have the chance to observe these birds from the sidelines how they play, you will experience unimaginable pleasure. They just know how to have fun with toys on the farm. However, such a sight would not be so magical without their long legs and necks, because this looks absolutely enchanting during their dance. All the time while they move and run, Emus keep their small wings beneath the feathers and thus maintain the balance. They are capable to swim and can easily cross the river that might be on their way.

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Do not get scared with strange sounds

Although females are a bit larger than males, sometimes it is easier to distinguish them by the sounds they produce. Females will be easily identified by booming sounds, although the sound of a male will remain much longer in your memory. The sound produced by the male is similar to the pig's grunt, but do not let that upset or surprise you. Emu females lay eggs that can weight a half of a kilogram, and males regularly assist in the incubation period. The specificity of these animals is obvious, while a love that Australians have for an Emu is immense.

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Is This a Bird?

One more member of far away countries is a Kiwi, native to New Zealand. This is a bird, although this sounds strange. They look more like mammals and there are many facts which make them really special. Their long beak is different from beaks other birds have because at the end of the same there are nostrils and that makes Kiwies unique in the world. Their similarity to people is they have marrow in their bones, and females have two ovaries, which is not characteristic of birds. Because of these facts, and many others, it is really hard to believe that this is really a bird.

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The Biggest Eggs in the World

The astonishing fact is that Kiwi birds hatch eggs that are relative to their size the largest eggs in the world. No, this does not mean these eggs are larger than ostrich eggs, or any other, but it certainly makes twenty percent of their weight. They belong to monogamous communities and almost all their life they spend with one partner. Some loves lasted for twenty years. However, many young birds do not manage to survive in the wild and only a few can reach adulthood and continue to reproduce themselves.

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Soft Like Cotton

Although Kiwi has wings, it can't fly. However, it is not at all shy and timid, so it knows to defend its territory and to behave outrageously. When you look at it, you have the impression that in front of you is a little cotton ball, because his feathers more reminiscent of fur. Thanks to its appearance, they can easily drown in the environment which helps them to hide from predators. What sets them apart from many other birds is their ability to remember things well and up to five years back. In addition, they have developed an extraordinary sense of smell and hearing, but their eyesight is not the best. At the end of the tail they have whiskers instead of feathers. Kiwi birds are really unique and different in many ways.

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Big Creatures From the Sea

In the seas of Papua New Guinea, near the coast, live and swim Dugongs. Many people call them sea cows, although their real name came from mermaids due to a mistake which sailors made first time they saw these animals. However, their name is not derived from mermaids that are mythological, but as a true symbol of mammals that have pectoral mammary glands in order to feed their young.

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They Are Gentle as They Are Big

Although they can weigh up to 1000 lbs, Dugongs are not dangerous for humans. They are furthermore very shy and gentle creatures and is very difficult for them to tolerate stress. Motor boats can cause injuries, while over fishing brought this kind to the border of extinction. Their habitat is mainly near the coast because they can go down to 33 meters deep, stay until 6 minutes below the water level and enjoy the sea grasses.

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Only Vegetarian Food

Although it may seem incredible, Dugongs are vegetarians. They eat only plants and can eat up to 50 kg of seaweed a day. They live in herds numbering up to a hundred individuals. Their long muzzle slings down and is extremely strong. In this way Dugongs can easier collect plants. Males have short fangs, making them similar to elephants. They move very slow and have a very well developed senses. If you look their gentler side, you will not be afraid any more of these huge animals that are a real treasure for the people of Papua New Guinea, but also for many others.

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