Training Parrots Not to Bite – 7 pics

Biting parrots can be a huge problem and you need to ensure that your parrot doesn't learn to bite or it can become a behavioral problem. Firstly you should establish a very trusting relationship with your parrot. Hand fed parrots will often respond better to training but all parrots can be trained with patience and commitment. Often parrots learn bad habits if they are left on their own for long periods of time so you will need to ensure that you have contact daily. When training parrots not to bit you will need to gain their trust so that they will know they can rely on you to be their friend. They respond far better if they feel safe and loved. As with any animal you should train your parrot with a reward system and never punish them. They will not understand why you are shouting at them and they may get defensive and bite you out of fright. Parrots are very intelligent birds and love being around people. They will bite if they are bored and have not had a great deal of human contact.

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