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Ultimately, an crucial component of averting dog bites is the education of our young children. The vast majority of puppy bites occur in kids 4-9 years of age and a larger percentage takes place in young boys. Teaching your young children some from the following suggestions could help to stop a painful lesson and potentially even save his or her life. When faced with an unknown puppy, or a puppy whose conduct would seem to be odd, Dr. Seksel recommends the following: # do not approach the dog # look at your feet or even the ground – do not make eye contact with the dog # stand very still – do not run in the event the dog approaches # continue to keep silent- you should never shout or yell at the dog # you shouldn't try pat any dog on the head Youngsters should really be taught to in no way run up on the dog, especially one who is feeding and that not every puppy may be as friendly as their own pet. Training a little one to ask the puppy owner if it's ok to approach the dog after which if it is ok to pet him can help to prevent many of the common mistakes made by dog bite victims.

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As puppy owners, we adore our pets and want the really best for them. Animal shelters and humane societies would like to see the number of puppies and dogs euthanized for behavior issues decrease and our society, like a whole, has a strong wish to see a reduction in the number of dog bites each and every year. Using the recommendations of veterinary behaviorists and other animal specialists could be the very first excellent action to accomplishing these goals. In case you are having problems with your dog and aggression, please see your veterinarian immediately. To learn much more about avoiding dog bites and keeping yourself and your loved ones safe.

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