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You can find all sorts of weird records in Guinness World Records book, but the ones we care about the most, of course, include animals. If your pet is extremely small, big, fast or has a pretty long fur, it might just be another record breaker from the animal world. You just have to go to Guinness World Records site and fill an application. This is free of charge if you want to break an existing record and it costs only 5$ if you want to get a new record title. But before your pet finds its way into this great book, let us take a peek at some of the cutest record holders in the animal world.

Franchesca – bunny with the longest fur

Rabbits are cute enough even if they don’t have such a long fur, but this particular bunny named Franchesca is so fluffy it’s unbearably cute. I mean, I can’t even see her eyes. Franchesca has 14.37 inches (36.5cm) long fur and that makes her the current record holder. Her owner Dr. Betty Chu from Morgan Hill, USA has a lot of other English Angora rabbits that have quite long furs, so don’t be surprised if Franchesca’s record is beaten by some of her bunny friends.

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Bertie – world’s fastest tortoise

Bertie is so fast that he could outrun – well, any other tortoise. This strawberry-eating tortoise set the record in category “The Greatest speed achieved by a tortoise” at Adventure Valley, UK, when he ran 0.28 m/s (0.6 miles/hour). The previous record was set in 1977 and it took nearly 40 years to be broken. Bertie is two times faster than your average tortoise and since he achieved his fame he now has special treatment from his owners Marco and Janine Calzini because he lives in his own secluded enclosure with his girlfriend Shelly.

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Big Jake – tallest living horse

Measured at 82.75 in (210.19 cm) without shoes, this Belgian Gelding horse is the tallest living horse in the world. No wonder his name is Big Jake. He is fourteen years old and comes from Poynette, USA where he lives on Smokey Hollow Farms. The record he set is his since 2010 and will probably remain his as long as he is alive.

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Caspa – the greatest jumper among llamas

Caspa is a quirky llama that lives in Arley Hall, UK, with her owner Sue Williams who primarily teaches dogs to perform in a high-jump. However, since she got Caspa she started training llamas too and this has paid off because Caspa is now a record holder in category “The highest bar jump cleared by a lama” with the height of 3 feet 8.5 inches (1.13 m).

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Derby XXX – Lance Corporal among sheep

Lance Corporal Derby XXX is a proud holder of the world record title “The highest ranking sheep”. He was promoted to Lance Corporal in 2015 and he is a long-time mascot of British Armed Forces. He was even entitled to a wage, which basically covers his food and veterinarian costs. He also had a right to annual leave, which he usually took at Christmas time. Unfortunately, Lance Corporal Derby XXX passed away at the beginning of this year, but he still is and will probably stay for a long time, the highest ranking sheep.

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Purin – the greatest dog goalie

Purin, a nine-year-old female beagle, broke the record for most balls caught by a dog with the paws in one minute on March 22, 2015, in Sakura, Japan. She was also the previous record holder with 11 balls, but then she managed to top that with 14 balls caught. Judging by her video, she is better than some human goalkeepers. Her owner, Makoto Kumagai from Tokyo, says that she can also walk on two legs, skateboard, and jump rope, so she really is one multi-skilled doggy.

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Zac – the parrot can opener

Well, now I know what I am gonna do when I’m too lazy to open my canned drink. Just call Zac the Macaw! This amazing parrot is the record holder in category “Most canned drinks opened by a parrot in one minute” since he managed to open 35 cans in San Jose, USA in 2012.

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Alley – The greatest jumper among cats

This feline record holder was once a stray cat, but thanks to her owner Samantha Martin who saved her and a couple of her friends she is now the cat who managed to perform the longest jump. This jump was 6 feet (182.88 cm) long and was achieved in Austin, USA.

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Lazy J’s Bluegrass – A steer with largest horn spread

“Widest horn spread on a steer” category was so hotly contested this year that it was practically a photo-finish battle between Big Red 907 and Lazy J’s Bluegrass, with later winning the title only days before printing of the book. Lazy J’s prize winning horns are 115.66 inches (293.8 cm) long, which is just 2.2 inches (5.57 cm) longer than Big Red’s. This speckled steer comes from Kansas, USA.

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Didga – Trickiest cat in the world

Didga is multi-talented trickster cat from Tweed Heads, Australia that is the current record holder in category “The most tricks performed by a cat in one minute“. She managed to achieve 24 tricks in the given time, ranging from jumping over a bar to simply rolling over following the instructions by her owner Robert Dollwet.

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KneeHi – World’s shortest donkey

KnieeHi is the shortest donkey on the world since he is only 25.29 in (64.2 cm) tall. This brown jack lives on Best Friends Farm in Gainesville, Florida where he was measured to become record holder in 2011. KneeHi is owned by Frankie, James and Ryan Lee.

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some of the records these cute animals hold are truly unbelievable 6 pics 6 videos 6

Twinkie and Doree Sitterly – Fastest balloon poppers in dog world

39.08 seconds – that is how long it took for Twinkie and Doree Sitterly to pop 100 balloons. This achievement has made them record holders in this category and was done in Moorpark, USA, on 29 March 2014. Twinkie comes from a long line of balloon poppers since her mother Anastasia was the previous recorder.

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